Intuitive Reading (Rider-Waite) 3 card spread - Week 15, 2022

Updated: Apr 18

Past position = Temperance XIV

Last week we were told to keep one foot on dry land and here the card for Sagittarius comes up to ask, were we able to find our balance in the chaos, left in it's wake by The Tower events.

This week you will notice that all 3 cards are Major Arcana and indicates that we are in the throws of major cosmic and life events, where we are left in the lurch and a prickly perch.

Have the changes you've been experiencing, allowed you to glimpse the path leading forward towards your glorious victorious dreams, hope and wishes?

The Full moon in Libra, last week was the beginning of balancing out our relationships with our environment, in whichever form it appears, as a person, animal, place, activity etc.

By hermit-ing ourselves, we should've found some sense-ability to continue moving against all odds. We use our tools and resources, sometimes putting our hands out and raising our voices to be heard, to continue onwards, and upwards, closer to our purpose/goals.

Current position = The Wheel of Fortune X

This card speaks to us of finding the bag of gold at the end of the rainbow. And in week 14 reading I mention how the Hermit card (found in this same position) is shining his lantern into the darkness in the area of being able to see 'the bigger picture'.

This card marks a cross roads we face in our current situations and other related to home, partner, family, work, learning and play.

Have we learnt our lessons, spiraled through the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of what we have transcended and overcome. We have settled our karmic debts.

Now that Jupiter is working alongside Neptune in it's home sign of Pisces, we can expect surprising changes in perspectives that allow us to make different choices and take a different course of action.

We can expect that any plans we make that do not serve our highest purpose will fall away and we can anticipate wanting to correct our course towards one that is more in alignment with where we need to be and doing what we are supposed to be...that is the work you came here, to do in your time on this planet.

You have a role to play in elevating our current collective operating values.

You have a role to play in uplifting others, from ego based toxicity, towards a one love set of community support and grassroots engagement.

Forward position = The Empress III

Here she comes AGAIN! But this time she showed herself in the reverse, which according to the Rider-Waite tarot deck booklet means:

Light, truth, the unraveling of involved matters, public rejoicings, according to another reading - vacillation*.

* means the inability to decide between different opinions or actions; indecision.

Making me think that this loops back to the Temperance card, and thus the word that's been stuck in my head since the last reading, that of perpetuation.

To perpetuate means to make (something) continue indefinitely. It is a loop cycle and it reminds me of this quote by Albert Einstein:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Something has to change!

For success to occur we need to see our landscape with new eyes, before we change our landscape.

This 'looping' theme is one of repetition and cycling through the rounds of the same lessons, we get to learn new aspects of each lesson as we spiral through a different experience of that same relationship, situationship, timescape, and space.

We see this in the supporting cards, for this week (since all 3 cards were major arcana it seemed beneficial to draw a Destiny card and a Crystal Ally card to contribute their messages).

If you notice both support cards show the yin/yang symbol.

The Crystal Ally card speaks to us of Joy & Gratitude.

As a water element card, it embodies the powers of emotion, communication and cleansing. It encourages adaptability and strength by teaching one to follow the path of least resistance.

There are a few curiosities about this card appearing as a support card and seems to offer insight to both the Temperance (for the water imagery in picture) and Wheel of Fortune cards (for the circle).

It also stays in the watery realms that we saw in Neptune's appearance in the Astrological Oracle card readings over the past few weeks and also the movement of Jupiter & Neptune, in conjunction, from Aquarius, for the past 13 years, into it's next cycle through Pisces (the mature water sign).

I have a sense that the past 12-13 years may have felt a little like 'a bull in a china shop' due to the Uranian & Saturnian influences. The bi-polar swing between the sensible and nonsensical.

In order to maintain the status quo and balance, of our life, we have been juggling with the foundations and additions to that structure, only to now, perhaps, discover that our houses are built on sand and not rock.

And the final element of synchronistic awareness is the flooding that has happened around me in the past week, and the impact of that where many people lost their homes, goods, and in some cases, even their lives or loved ones. It felt like a literal washout and great baptism. It appeared to be a bit of a karmic lesson (As the underbelly of the beast of the Wheel of Fortune card depicts).

Are you the 'man' to see this scenario for what it is?

Can you come to terms with your 'cognitive dissidence'?

It turns our our 'limerence' is in fact caused by this state of being.

The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes. People tend to seek consistency in their attitudes and perceptions, so this conflict causes feelings of unease or discomfort.

Are you willing to give up those things that no longer bring you just and due rewards?

In order to allow fresh air to flow into the lungs of your life, exhale the stale.


Now, deeply in and slowly out.

One. Bite. At. A. Time.

One. Step. At. A. Time.

And while you do that, lets explore this card further.

Kunzite's realm is the emotion of the heart - learning to see the energy of Divine love in every aspect of reality.

Hiddenite's realm is the physical aspect of the heart - the expression and experience of gratitude for the wellspring of abundance and healing that is the universe.

The feelings of joy and gratitude are inseparable.

When we feel thankful for our blessings it raises our vibration into one that resonates with that of joy.

This flow of energy created by these emotions are similar to a double helix (or a strand of string made up with separate pieces twisted together), similar to our DNA.

When we are feeling joy, we are receiving the full energy of Diving love.

When we are experiencing gratitude, we are giving that love back to the universe.

This flow creates an even energy exchange between the physical plane and the universe.

Although we are mere sparks in a vast universe of stars and consciousness, we are as important to the Divine plan as if its execution depended upon us alone.

Many people feel that humanity is a backward and unlovable species, constantly committing crimes against each other and the world in which we live.

This attitude, as well as the acts that precipitate it, have their origins in the concept of separation from the divine force of the universe (god).

Leading me to recall the 7 Hermetic principles that are considered the natural Laws of Life and living (I will post something on this soon). But essentially it has to do with polarity, which refers to everything having an opposite as we see in the yin/yang symbol.

You are being asked to remember the power of joy and gratitude in your life. Each time you have these experiences you are reconnecting to divine source and creator.

When you express gratitude (a recognition of the flow between you and the universe) for your life and experiences, you establish a flow of energy, giving and receiving between yourself and the source of all things.

You are being reminded of your connection with source, and the celebration (this ties in well with The Empress card) of infinite creation.

Be grateful for your lessons, your life, and your creations.

Give thanks for the opportunity to be a conscious being who is able to learn, and grow and change (I am thinking about the mantra tattooed on my right arm - to live, to learn, to love).

Celebrate the joy of being a spark of the Divine's light on earth.

Share this joy and thanksgiving with others, and soon the entirety of humanity will be raised up to a new level of understanding and love.

This energy benefits the heart chakra and the mantra reads:


The Destiny card drawn adds the following value:

7 tells us of big questions surfacing (reflective of all this week reading's of Rider-Waite cards, being major arcana), that seem to be without answers or resolution.

It is time to go within (as the Hermit card showed us last week) and re-examine what has brought you to this point and what needs to be changed.

Decide what no longer serves you and what you need to let go of or bring closure to.

Reflect on desires or needs that have long been suppressed but now need to be realised. (this seems to reflect the overall message of the readings for the past 6 weeks).

The yin/yang symbol reflects the Sex suit which represents passion, creativity, and sexuality.

This relates to yourself and others or another.

It can also relate to work. (the word problem-solving comes to mind, again).

Perhaps we need to look at our skills relating to how we solve our problems, remembering that our strengths are our weaknesses, and our weaknesses are our strengths (the beast always has an underbelly, Achilles heel, or weak spot).

Remembering back to high school, I can recall learning about the 3 outcomes of engagement and negotiations in business (but it applies to all of living life skills), namely


win/lose or lose/win


We are encouraged to seek more win/win results which means mutually beneficial scenarios, where we all win (FYI, capitalism can never be this as it's a profit driven machine where only one party wins and the rest tend to lose out and suffer, as we see in this blog and that of modern slavery such as sweat shops, and the impact of pollution on our natural living resources of air, water and soil).

The only way to win/win in life is collaboration and accommodation of all's needs.

Our needs and wants may differ on a mental and emotional level, but on a physical level, our problems are the same and very real, those relating to our survival needs.

We could individually survive on our own, however, it is easier to deal with life as a community caring for each other and being in harmony with our environment.

P.S. on a more personal note, relating to this matter I believe that one of the most important issues that we need to address is poverty.

Ignoring squalid living conditions and the impact upon individuals (depression and addictions), families (abuse of all sorts), and communities (crime, violence) is debilitating for humanity, and a source for communicable diseases, nutritional and educational deficit. This is the sector of 'work force' that are used for capitalistic profit. Those that are unskilled, or semi-skilled. Consider, mining, any form of production line work e.g. toys, clothes etc. and diseased individuals being prime test subjects for big pharma and research (since we shouldn't test on animals, humans make the best guinea pigs for the stuff designed for and targeted at them, makes sense in a very sick way).

It seems totally reasonable, to me, that each human should have their basic needs met, through equal means and access to resources, such as secure housing, safe water, clean air, healthy and enough food, and freedom to practice their natural abilities that contribute towards the good of the greater whole.

By nurturing each person to their full potential, we create a strong and healthy environment and society.

All in all, a better world, for all.

I think that the only way to make this reading have any more meaning for you, it is best to consider a personal reading. Purchase your preferred reading layout and card decks here.

The Read:

commentary and further insight into the reading this week

The Shuffle - how i mix and draw the cards

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