10/04/2020 intuited reading...SYNCHRONIZATION!!!

After a really good shuffle the following cards emerged from the Rider Waite deck:

3 of Wands

3 of Pentacles

4 of Pentacles

Then 3 cards from the Destiny card deck:

10 love suite

10 work suite

4 work suit

Final card drawn from Crystal Ally card deck:


So notice first the date, please, 10th day of the 4th Month of the year 2020, according to the Gregorian calendar, that we typically tend to follow, in modern Western Christian worlds.

There are 2x each of the following numbers: 3, 4 and 10, so let's start there, shall we?

3 is bringing about synergy. It is making sense of what is causing anxiety, confusion, or what feels beyond your control.

4 is security and building a foundation. It's about making decisions to relieve tension and/or anxiety (see above).

10 is about transformation. You are starting to experiment with the changes you have made in your life. Consciously making choices to shape your life, you see life, people, and situations with new eyes. You change the way you respond to situations and allow new possibilities to emerge. You are willingly stretching yourself to ensure personal growth and witness a magical transformation.

n.b. so there is double confirmation for all matters that require attention, resolution or absolution, and a way forward that is fulfilling, abundant, and prosperous, in whichever way you require that in your life, be it work, home, relationships, family, friends, lovers...body, mind and soul.

Now lets look at the symbols, as quickly as possible, before moving onto the individual card meanings and their, further, synchronicities.

Wands refer to creation leading to manifestation. How we make our thoughts (swords) a reality. How we plant our thoughts. It is the expression of the trinity of our lower chakras, as our creative fire. First we have the foundation that the fire will be built upon (the surface area and environment, of the base chakra, which is our connection to this planet and our survival needs resourced there from. It's strength lies in how grounded one is, physically, mentally, and spiritually), followed by the desired output of the creative force (the identity of the sacral chakra and structural scaffold upon which we blow our power into. It's strength lies in knowing our manifestation abilities and powerful output capabilities), and finally fuelled by, our personal power to express (this is the effort we put into getting the fire burning, hot and bright, for fire is both those things and represents the sun/son/sol).

Pentacles is about what is manifested. We reap what we sow. It is the expression of the above, but perhaps with the influence of the higher chackras. It is foundations, security and stability (similar to the number 4, which we see has come up twice). It is money, assets (and liabilities!), buildings and solid structures (which reminds me that Saturn is at play in astrology, in a bully-ish way and thus we can expect the upheavals we've been experiencing since March 21st).

Now to the cards, themselves, for a micro inspection, before zooming out again to see the bigger/whole/macro perspective, again:

3 of Wands is about gaining the higher ground, standing still, and seeing 'all that is', for what it is, after having passed through challenging times. It's like, if you make it through, you can turn your back on the past, and move foreward, to better times. You have already established your intentions, the planted saplings can be left to tend for themselves (those ideas you initiated but never got traction, those projects you laboured over that never truely materialised, the relationships you invested in that never saw due rewards, the time you spent putting effort into exercises that just left you feeling weak and broken, etc), as you have other things that require you now. Your solo journey is over, whether it be in work, home, family, love, you will no longer struggle on your own. Help is on the way, in some form. It is being creative with what you have and where you are. It is about how you can give more, and in turn, you receive the blessings you need too. It's about stacking resources. It is the human pyramid - how one hand can help another to rise up. Reminds me of Stripe, the caterpillar (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hope_for_the_Flowers)

3 of Pentacles speaks to us about working with others. Community. Building new structures together, new perspectives through collaboration, unifying in cause and construction. It is everyone being constructive, body, mind and spirit, where ever we have a role to play, in the greater whole. We all have tools and resources to contribute towards the good of most. Hierarchies are collapsing, and flattening (as we are trying to do with the virus curve), and resources that are only available to a few, will become more available to others. It's a step up for many, in the presence of order and fairness. There is caution in that, we must be aware that we have a way to go and must tread carefully, but forward, always onward!

4 of Pentacles speaks about feeling safe and secure, in all basic aspects of life. I am, viscerally, aware of how grateful we should always be for our many blessings. There is always someone worse off, who's burden is heavier, who's mountains are higher, who's valleys are deeper. If you stop right now, and look around, you have so many things to be thankful for (like this internet connection, and information highway, and electrickery, and indoor plumbing and hot running water, and a roof over your head, and a warm, comfy bed to sleep in, and you can read, and you have eyesight, and and and).

And since this is getting long, and we have so much more to cover (eeek!), lets move along now to the Destiny cards. Note how they pulled out to match the Rider Waite cards so beautifully 3/10 3/10 4/4

So with that in mind, there is double confirmation that if you take constructive action (manifestation/transformation/adaption/mutation) it will lead to fulfillment (like a happy ending). It leads to abundance from solid foundations and feelings of being secure. Our basic needs have been met and we are ready to address our wants.

Artistry 10 love suit is about our essential connections and bonding with another, family, friends, associates, and the greater community (super tie-in to the 3 of Wand, particularly regarding the part about working solo and end of struggles!). Who, or what you are called to love, is often a mirror (reflection) for what you need to develop in your own life. When you do what you love, nothing is too much because a true labour of love is light, and delightful and pleasurable. If it is a struggle, then facing a personal truth, and changing our perspective and/or attitude, will have benefit. The big truth about life, is that you are already whole, complete and perfectly adept to live your best life (blissfully).

Adventure 10 work suit is about 'going beyond in order to arrive'. It is the expression of yourself through action and realizing your dreams. This talks about, not only doing a job, but expressing yourself through your work on self (in the home, as a family member, or lover/partner, or at work as a colleague or leader, in the community, as a servant or master). We are living in harmony with our values and our potential.

Finding your niche 4 work suit is a reflection of the above but focusing more o