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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

I am a qualified nurse who has been facilitating wellness for the past 25 years, using an array of healing modalities such as holistic and sports massage, aromatherapy, hot stone therapy, and shiatsu, to name a few.

Driven by a passion for quality of life I am a HACKER of well-being, particularly, nutrition, supplementation, functional movement and clean/green living. 

For physical discomforts that remain unresolved, I aim to provide metaphysical connections and guidance.

Approach to treatment: The physical body is where all the other levels - spiritual, mental and emotional aspects - of our being reside in this life.  Our bodies mirror and express our state of well-being or lack thereof, on all levels.  A block or imbalance on the spiritual, mental, or emotional level eventually shows up in the physical body.  So not only is the body constantly communicating its own needs, it is frequently trying to communicate the needs of the other three levels as well.

If we have unmet needs on any level that we are unconscious of or ignoring, eventually our bodies try to let us know about it.  For example, if you are pushing yourself to work so hard that your spiritual and emotional needs are going unmet, your body may get sick as a way of forcing you to slow down and go inside.

The body’s state of health or dis-ease reflects how much we honour our values and abilities, as well as our deepest feelings.  If, for whatever reason we resist change or our true calling, our hormones, affected by every thought, feeling, attitude etc., can change in an instant.  Even negative feedback from others or the environment can cause the whole endocrine system to go haywire and run amok! 

So whether you're simply looking for some physical relief from tension or muscle stiffness or something more enlightening, get in contact to book your time out & get in touch.

Services available:


Reflexology - a foot specific treatment to restore balance and harmony to the systems of the body and release energy blocks using meridian pathways. A deeply relaxing treatment.

Remedial massage, is a hands on approach to body work treatment; using an array of modalities e.g. aromatherapy, hot stones etc., and a selection of massage techniques from sports, lymph drainage, deep tissue, Swedish, Shaitsu etc., to provide functional relief to soft tissue. Recommended for sports preparation & recovery, prevent surgery, post surgery support, repetitive strain injuries caused by industry or sport, stress management, and so much more...


Well-being coaching, to support you on a one-on-one basis in hacking body care, nutrition, functional movement, shopping for foods & supplements, activities companion etc. Your time of undivided attention to assist you in your well-being.

Health & Wellness consults a comprehensive approach to assess and identify health issues & causes, with recommended targeted approaches to well-being using nutrition, functional movement, supplementation, and a host of other resources.

Courses, choose from a selection of one of 3 supported journeys to assist with weight loss, to depression, and stress management.

Talks & & retreats, by request or as advertised on facebook.


Metaphysical assistance using touch therapy, Reiki, crystals divination guidance tools.

Video explaining qualifications, experience and skill set:

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