Astrological oracle reading for 23 July 2020

Constellation of Aries (centre):

This fire element is represented by the Ram (which in Sanskrit, if used as a mantra, see below for more*).

It is ruled by Mars, the god of war and strategy.

It is the representation of energy, power and action.

This red planet brings the force of will to the zodiac.

The influence of Mars gives the ability to move forward, push through, and conquer barriers to success.

Taken to extremes, this can lead to overpowering and crushing others in a quest toward victory.

The impulse to make war or express anger in an unjust way is the shadow side of Mars. Righteous forcefulness and courage are the positive aspects, with the negative aspects being violence, conflict, and harsh aggression.

When this card appears, allow its strength and vigor to carry you towards your goal. (NB: isn’t it interesting all the Mars exploration that has been going on over the past few years?!?)

And also Mars is currently in play as follows:

Mars in Aries. Mars goes Station Retrograde in Aries at Thu Sep 10 2020 00:23

GMT+0200 (South Africa Standard Time)

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System, being only larger than Mercury. See this article for more Mars in Aries and also this for what it means for it to be in retrograde.

* The mantra RAM is composed of 2 sounds. RAAA and OMMMM. These 2 sounds are the sounds of 2 very important Chakras. There are 7 chakras in the body. The 3rd chakra (Naval chakra) sound is RAAA.

The 3rd chakra is the point where all the Karmas are initiated from and is the entry point of the Karmas. Karmas are all the thoughts, words and deeds that one does in life. These Karmas are either resolved or unresolved. The unresolved Karmas stored in the body and keep coming up to be resolved in life. So since RAAA is the sound of the 3rd chakra and that is the entry point of all the Karmas, so the sound RAAA contains within it all the Karmas stored in the body. Chanting RAAA stirs the pot of Karmas in the body.

OMMM is the sound of the 6th center. The 6th center of the 3rd eye is also the site of the inner Guru the higher self guides the intuition. This is the only space that resolves, destroys, demolishes, eradicates the Karmas. So when OMMM is recited this center is ignited and stimulated.

Mixing the 2 sounds RAAA and OMMM becomes ROOM or just RAM. Chanting RAM mantra will take the stored Karmas and transport to the 3rd eye to be removed. That is the only reason that humans take birth. Resolve Karmas stored from this life and previous lives.

(copied from here)

Saturnus/Saturn (left, as the history/past insight into Aries card above)

This represents containment, boundaries, and limitations. This god controls the reality of time passing and the movement through life towards death. Saturn brings structure and law to the human endeavour which can be challenging as obstacles are faced and overcome. Saturn's energy is restrictive, defining what cannot or should not be done. Through examination of these limitations, it points out what duty and responsibility we are accountable for in this lifetime. It brings both fear and the conquering of fear.

When it appears (as now), it is a sign that you are dealing with important milestones on your soul’s journey through life.

Venus (right, as the outcome/forward looking insight)

The goddess of love blesses relationships of all kinds. As a celestial body, Venus rules over all matters of the heart, from friendship to true love, and all the delights of the senses. Its influence brings a desire for intimacy, harmony, and peace. Part of desire is the yearning towards beauty, which opens the spirit to a higher realm and feeds both mind and soul. Venus brings an appreciation of art & luxury, and influences the way we decorate our homes. Possessions and the things we want are under the auspices of Venus, influencing our individual taste and our attraction to objects. When Venus appears in your oracle reading, you may feel a strong pull towards a person, place, or thing. Follow your heart!!!

In a nutshell:

Let yourself burn with a fiery passion for those things that capture your heart.

Do not hold back from the power of love.

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