Before the beginning is a thought by Phil Murray

Updated: Jan 6

True Basics of Real Success through Natural Philosophy.

Our business in the Universe is not deny its existence, but to LIVE, using the Laws to rise from lower to higher...We are all on the Path, and the road leads upward ever, with frequent resting places. - The Kybalion Hermetic Philosophy


What Why and When to begin with...


What does the future hold?

Planning the garden

November - the alternate visions

December - the quality movement

January - thoughts to shape the future

February - traces of Spring


The talk comes alive!

Seeding the Garden

February - how to be a light

March - live the talk

April - inculcations (affirmations)

May - touching Summer


A steady course of action.

Watering the Garden

May - the magnetism of truth

June - good and bad changes

July - spreading your time

August - a hint of the Harvest

The video cut off, here is the last part of this season;

"I suggest to you, that true success takes time, and foundations must be as thorough as you wish the success to be. As a gardener prepares the soil, so must you cultivate your basics, and when Summer arrives, take some time to enjoy your creation before the busier season of Autumn."

I look around at my creation

wounderous at it's splenour

Yet all it is and all it seems is me the

source and blender

I took the sun a pinch of soil some

water and a seed

I spent the time and nurse the ground

it gives me what i need

And yes it seems there is more to life

than what exists around me

A distant Plane vibrates and summons

All I am obeys the call

Happiness on Earth it seems

Is working towards Higher Means

Take responsibility for your creations and prepare for harvest.


What the future held.

Harvesting the Garden

August - checking conditions

September - reaping the rewards

October - sharpening the tools

November - and over the horizon is Winter

From pg. 70

To end with...

I am no Hierophant.

Perhaps like yourself, my status is neophyte. I understand the concepts of totally cognizant and nothingness being the same qualities, and am fully aware that it is to these states that i am presently aspiring.

I also believe in life...I believe in people...I believe in happiness and prosperity...I believe in me...I believe in you!

I believe that the Path of Transformation should be a celebration of rediscovery.

I believe in nurturing the student and encouraging the misanthropic stray.

I believe in laughter.

I believe in the deep, the visible and invisible.

If I were expert in the postulate that I espouse, then more of my personal Path of Transformation would already have been travelled.

My position as student of greater teachings is exactly that, and I am grateful if the writing of this concise volume is a help to you.

PAC is acronym for Positive Attitude Club and the philosophy simply state that improvement of personal life through positive attitudes benefits Mankind as a whole.

Mission Statement:

Through dissemination of quality spiritual and worldly material, living the talk and enjoying the Path of Transformation, we aim to render whatever assistance is require for the Journey.

Ultimate goal

Premier State

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