Building strong foundations by Working together in our Defense of common causes...

Here's what you need to understand about how I channel. I get a lot of messages in different formats, as I am versed in many tongues, unfamiliar to many...but they clearly jump out at me and if I don't pay attention, the same or similar info will repeat ad nauseam in-finity loop mode, until I acknowledge & use it...


Last night, just before crossing over to lalaland, I got a message about 'an earthquake in Istanbul' (+ there is also going to be another volcanic eruption to note and a tsunami/flood). And i'd kick myself for not sharing before it happened - for the unconvinced who need proof that what i channel is for reals and not just the ramblings of some crazy crone.

So the Istanbul info was very clear, but the volcano, not so...because for months I am aware that we will have some cataclysmic natural disaster(s) I have mentioned to various peeps...that will occur soon. We already have the current volcanoes that made news, Hawaii ( + Guatemala ( Indo is frothing blood at the mouth...there will literally be continental shifts...just like you will experience in your life in the coming times...moving home or jobs because of unexpected/surprise offers or occurrences.

I will concede, to the more discerning disbeliever, that yes, there are many volcanoes that are currently active...and i am saying that their activities will pick up and we can experience many more eruptions and related upheavals - Mars is very active and the earth is angry (look at how we treat her, what woman likes to be treated with such disregard for her reproductive abilities and how she is cared for by man?!?) and this is a way she can reclaim herself and rid herself of ways of being that no longer serve her (just like so many women have left relationships that no longer serve them!).

I also find it interesting that volcanoes create land mass (in areas that serve us), and this seems to be happening, in places/areas, where culture is rich in recognizing the value of and working in harmony with Nature and all aspects of the be-ing. Just think about them as chosen holiday/travel destinations; people love to go to Hawaii to surf and enjoy the life because it feels good to slow down and enjoy the gifts of good waves and island living, Indo is considered a gem for spiritual travel and they teach us the art of being with the self while Guatemala is rich with Mayan history and we try to learn from their ancient intelligence of working in harmony with the nature and understanding the principles it teaches us.


I can see how this all plays into the 'new earth' theory that some are talking about, where the DNA structure of the earthly realm is changing from a carbon based structure into a crystalline structure...from a 3strand DNA helix into a 5 strand helix. What is important to bear in mind is that these changes happen slowly, over vast periods of time, just like evolution.

It is said that we are going through an 'ascension' phase, which is what the latter would reflect. I understand this to mean a more intelligent earth is being created (and here we appreciate the land growing ability of the volcanoes adding to land mass)...the general consciousness of the collective is moving from lower base chakras or perhaps the first 3 levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs (primal/survival issues - base chakra, loss of identity - sacral chakra, and fights for control - solar plexus chakra - to the higher chakra's (third eye for insight & intuition plus the crown chakra that is our eternal source to the higher realms of energy and knowledge). The lower energy chakra's are transmuting through the power of love that emanates from our heart chakra - and this is where the challenge to self love comes in. Because love starts with the self and until you can truly feel it for yourself then how do you authentically feel it for anyone else?

Stop for a moment and look around, you can see it in the wars, tough economic times, narcissistic leaders and general discontent amongst their subjects seen through revolts and uprisings.

This ascension experience can be likened to the procreation process - this is something i will explore a little more with you, soon. First we see the consummation of mother moon and father sun as per eclipse in a few days. Then she will incubate & birth a new earth...

But overall we can see that the rise of the feminine is the healing energy humanity and the earth need at this time. We are moving away from the masculine and patriarchal dominance towards a nurturing and healing phase of the feminine. I have noticed the increase of beauty products targeted at men, look at the rise of the metromale, of our increased acceptance and tolerance of homosexuality (this is the feminine aspect of the masculine in dominance), at the increased demand of women to have their needs recognized e.g. paying taxes on sanitary products...this is the balancing out of the yin/yang...we are moving from more yang to more yin.

The full moon eclipse 27th July 2018 - longest in history happens between Aquarius & Leo, the last of a series of eclipses between the two constellations in the past year (there were a total of 6, 3 solar and 3 lunar eclipses between the two to balance out their energies - It was a portal...the lessons, simply put, were about questioning, challenging & letting go of the things that don't serve you & your life (Uranus crazy with Saturn discipline) + learning & embracing the fire action energy of strength & courage that the power of the Sun, in all it's glory in it's home of Leo. Happy birthday Leo's!

I am Uranus & Saturn (Aquarian) so it seems that i understand all the activities related to my planets as i have experienced them in a physical plane. So let's take a closer look at:

Uranus is the maverick, the planet of revolution, sudden change, and innovation. And, as one of the outer planets in our solar system, Uranus moves pretty slowly, completing one orbit of the sun every 84 years and moving into a new Zodiac sign about every seven. So, Uranus has been hanging out in Aries since 2011 and recently moved into Taurus -


Before the fool can continue on his journey, he is leveling up. We have the practical skills of the magician (masculine) balancing out the perceptive qualities of the high priestess (feminine) together with the balanced power & strength of the emperor (masculine) balanced out by the nurturing rich abundance of the empress (feminine).

When the powers that be are balanced & aligned we are introduced to the Hierophant.

This is the lesson we need to focus on and we use this to understand how our leaders are only serving their own truth and not that, as their duty demands, those of the collective. So we unite in common cause with & from the truth of our hearts, knowing that we have the power to create heaven on earth. Reflected in every day life, look at how people are moving away from conventional institutions, home schooling is blooming, we are turning towards artisanal products and away from the supermarket towards market-style suppliers. We are removing the middle man and starting to support each other's small businesses. The hierophant reminds us of the balance of body, mind & spirit. He also tells us that we have the keys to unlock the chains that hold us back from uniting. We should always ask a lot of 'why's' from our leaders to ensure that they understand how to lead us and have them be clear on the needs of the collective(s). Let me start: Is it religion acceptable, when it goes against the heart of spirituality, for example when we have political & economical wars in the name of God e.g. IRA, Taliban, etc. I say NO! Every person must feel their God from within and use their senses to know what is right. It is those people we trust as the loudspeakers of god who are the middle men...they are telling you their interpretation of God when you should be determining for yourself. They are telling you what actions to take or have this knowing in you, and i encourage you to use it first and then seek out mentors and communities to challenge your idea's. For how do you grow a muscle if you don't exercise it?

The number 4 is of importance at this time as it reflects the necessity of stabilizing and securing our 'home base', whether this means you need to change your locality or you simply need to tidy up and get rid of the unnecessary excess in your home/life (excess weight, hoarded goods, too many demands on your time you barely have time to stop and breathe). You need to get things shipshape to weather the storms. A solid foundation is created by anchoring yourself to the 4 corners of the earth, using the cardinal points as your compass. We have 4 seasons and need to be prepared for each one. Having a solid foundation not only relates to the home but also in our relationships (they require stability to anchor us in rough times) and our 'work'. Tidy, trim, batten down the hatches, get rid of flying objects, plug the holes securely. I think you get the idea, now. Last knot to make with 4 is establishing that our passions toward causes (animals, children, home schooling, self sufficiency communities etc) are not individual battles but rather that there