Feet first with REFLEXOLOGY

Ever day, after waking, most of us swing our legs over the side of the bed and confidently place our feet on the ground, ready to stand and deliver.

Once standing, we place the full weight of our body onto the base platform created by our feet. And then you take your first steps towards your day.

We often forget, and even neglect our feet, when they are our primary form of transport.

When we are stressed we respond by preparing to fight, flight or fright, and amongst the many ways our bodies react to this hormonal response, we ball our hands, and clench our jaws, butts & feet. All in readiness to...?

The act of (unconsciously) tensing the muscles of our feet (and all body!), results in a smaller platform upon which to base our body weight, and causes weaknesses & imbalances in opposing muscles, as we biokinetically adjust our frame to better support our new structure balance.

Thus a foot specific massage can be very beneficial in correcting many soft tissue matters that are presenting as ankle, knee, hip and other discomforts. Relaxing the muscles in the feet will create a more stable structural platform. Furthermore, it could treat and even prevent the development of plantar fasciatis, achilles tendontis, shin splints etc.

Over and above the explained, Reflexology, is actually considered an energy form of treatment.

The Australian Government's Department of Health define reflexology as "a system of applying pressure, usually to the feet, which practitioners believe stimulates energy and releases 'blockages' in specific areas that cause pain or illness."

Believed to come from ancient Chinese & Egyptian traditions, the idea is that the energy meridians or zones can be mapped out on the feet, along with a reflection of the body. And if an area on the foot, hand or ear is manipulated, then it will have a causative effect on that organ or area part of the body.

Persons receiving this treatment, will often comment on feeling more relaxed and refreshed. the treatment is balancing and an experienced service provider may even be able to tell you what is happening in the body on an organ level.

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