Guided reading for 22/12/2019 - 433 = 10

Guided reading 22 December 2019
This reading used Rider-Waite radiant tarot deck, Destiny cards, & Crystal Ally cards.

We are around the time of summer solstice, in the Southern hemisphere, where we take stock of the year, close our business doors (where possible), take builders holidays and annual leave...therefore this reading is interesting, in this regard.


8 of Cups

Shows the moon (emotions and what we don't see) shining brightly (we are having a solar eclipse around Christmas, btw) as we walk away from those things that leave us short of those feelings that bring us fulfillment. The way forward may seem treacherous, but currently we are on flat ground with stepping stones to lead the way. Stepping stones are those signs, as we go, that feel good for us - little to no anxiety and confusion. We are driven by need and passion, following the wants of the heart.

Cups are about our feelies, emotions, passions, lusts, love.

8 refers to balance, harmony, as above so below, as within so without, infinity, wholeness.

The Wheel of Fortune

This major arcarna is showing that we can expect big changes, or are in the position to make these changes, if we are willing to walk away from toxic perceptions, people and places. We are moving from having lofty ideals, to more practical courses of action. We may, even, need to learn new skills or study in order to prepare for the new beginning. We may be tested, with those toxic things we are releasing, but must stay true to ourselves, wishes, desires, ambitions etc.

X is 10, which is a divine number, meaning a return to unity, the fusion of being and non-being. The number 10 denotes the completion of a cycle


Perhaps we have been feeling stuck, certainly with the richness of our lives in work, home, love, family, money etc. The work suit talks to us about how we express ourselves through the action we take towards realising our dreams. It is about how we work on ourselves, in order to be better for others, in how we do our work, or fill our roles in society.

5 asks us to stand still, especially when feeling powerless or limited, in the event of insecurity, jealousy, rejection, or abandonment. Perhaps you have forgotten your unlimited potential to create and manifest your pure brilliance!?!


4 of Pentacles

As we release those things that no longer serve us, we take stock of the current situation. Standing firm, sitting secure, we get to grips with our current situations. Just as the wheel (of Fortune) turns, so too, are we taking the drivers seat to steer the course of our journey in a more practical and sensible manner. Towards better things for ourselves.

Pentacles are about tangible things e.g. money, possessions, bricks & mortar, solid structures etc.

4 is about our foundations, security, family, structures (interesting that Saturn is moving into into Capricorn, where it is practical but also limiting). See this interesting article recently posted on fb.

The Hermit

This major arcarna indicates how by following the unknown, releasing and taking stock, we can start to see a glimmer of hope. I am reminded about how stars can only shine brightest in the dark. I also, can't help but, feel an affinity between the 8 of cups (start) and this card (end). Once we walk away from the past (history), into the future (herstory), the path of deeper feminine insight will follow, as the day follows the night. And this too shall pass; certainly for those who are finding a dark night of the soul experience.

IX = 9 retains its vibrational energy regardless of multiplication. This is symbolic of our inner wisdom which is present in all human hearts but must be uncovered anew in every human life.


The spirit suit is a reflection of our essential self. It is our inner guide (like The Hermit) and connection to, and with, life and nature. Spirit is not something apart from life, it is how we engage with life, and all it's aspects of living, to learn the lessons that will guide us on our journey (e.g. what to walk away from, having confidence to walk into the unknown, as the 8 of cups shows). You are able to make choices to grow and learn about yourself and others. It is about being true to yourself and your wishes/desires. What is your sacred way to living your best life?

14 is about wholeness, where we make the world a better place, through the awareness that everything is connected and affected by our actions, or lack thereof. An attitude of gratitude will be the most rewarding exercise to do, currently (it will help the 4 of Pentacles situation and also the Wheel of Fortune - by helping to decide which way the wind should blow you).

I have also been guided to share that in situations that require forgiveness from others, that perhaps thanking them for all they have done for you, will deliver the best result.

NURTURE with larimar

When we release, we often feel wounded and thus this is the perfect guide to show how to tend to what we find, once the plaster has been ripped off...tender care and the loving, nurturing care we would expect from our ideal mothering. One benefit of being older & wiser, is the ability to re-parent ourselves. We may find solace (at this solstice time) by retreating, preferably into nature. Perhaps you have been pushing yourself too hard, for too long. Maybe you just need a break from the demands of every day life. You would benefit from finding ways to cool and soothe yourself, and water will do this wonderfully. Swim in it, drink it, soak in it, listen to the ocean sounds, cry & sweat to release excess water energies.