Intuitive Reading 25/09/2020 - Seeing the truth for what it is...

We look at the Rider-Waite cards drawn for past and current energies, and the outlook going forward with reference to brief mention, of insight cards, from the Destiny deck.

Self promotion and trigger warnings as we need to rethink what we see as valuable for being fools gold vs true gold. Not all that shines is of true worth...dig deeper to see the truth.

Things to notice:

* The Hermit is showing the way out of the coldness (and darkness, reminds me of Dr Seuss book 'Oh, the places you'll go' and being in a slump. See reading here) and any feeling of lack of abundance. The way forward is lit by going within and rediscovering your magic that the world, and it's inhabitants, needs now. You have a purpose to fulfill

* Your body is the temple (any place/space we invite in & celebrate within divinity), or church indicated in 5 of Pentacles (and Action card) moving away from the cold towards a happier outcome (10 of Cups) - this we do (act-ion) by honouring and respecting the physical vehicle/vessel for the soul and by self love & care. If you are unwell, unfit, or unhealthy then your lesson is within that 'suffering' because you too, have a purpose to serve from your space/place.

* If you want to find happiness, it's time to take action towards doing those things that lead you out of your coldness (and darkedness) and celebrate who and what you are and how you, in your unique manner/way are able to serve those around you, in love and light. Don't forget that we are saving the planet as we do this's all construct vs destruct.

See video for top 3 cards (Rider-Waite deck):

Here is a quick link to Week 2 of the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success mentioned in this video, for your mental refreshment and spiritual awareness.

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