Intuitive reading for 05/09/2020 - Transformation towards Dreams & Wishes

Top Row shows the Rider-Waite cards drawn:

8 of Swords - indicating how we have held ourselves back from reaching our dreams & wishes. We begin to see how we have restrained ourselves from achieving what we want through false illusions and/or beliefs.

Temperance XIV (major arcana) - perhaps we have found ourselves in a 'holding pattern' (I am being shown it's like aircrafts circling in the sky above the airport, waiting to come into land) and there are factors outside of our control that we need to be patient about, while they resolve and clear up for us to move forward - in work, love, family, home etc.

4 of Wands - shows our wish and dream of happiness and fulfillment. We want to create safe & secure structures (work, home, relationships, the physical body, peace of mind, carefree spirit...) of joy and that can be a testament of our life to celebrate. It is us living our dreams and wishes. It is a fruitful (abundant) and powerful way to live. We follow the yellow brick road...

Ace of Pentacles - shows that by applying ourselves (body, mind & spirit) to fulfilling our dreams & wishes, we can expect miracles, especially those that lead to abundance. Perhaps it's time to follow a new path in life, that will lead to unexpected joy & fulfillment. You will know this path when you start to see the death of the old (those things - jobs, partners, friends, places, activities, habits etc that no longer serve us in achieving our goals and benchmarks for living our best life) and useless, and beg-in to notice newness around us...those buds of potential and opportunity. Release any fear of an uncertain future and replace it with the belief and knowing that you are moving towards living a life you love, and loving the life you live.

Transformation - Moldavite

(Crystal Ally cards pg. 251)

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! - Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz

Kryptonite deprives superman of his powers (my bad!). Perhaps in the same way it robs him of his powers, so it gives those powers to us, as mere mortals (wink, wink!). Alternatively, this may be a warning of sorts, to remind us that we must be aware of our 'Achilles heel' - what robs us of our personal (body, mind, emotional & spiritual) power?

11 Wishes (love suit)

(Destiny cards)

Prayer - Fulgurite

(Crystal Ally cards pg. 271)

2 Communication (love suit)

(Destiny cards)

Storm Element

(Crystal Ally cards pg. 239)


It's time to start taking action in the direction towards our deeper desires and dreams that lead to our fulfillment of body, mind & spirit, in all spheres of our lives from work, home, relationships (lovers, family, friends) etc.

We are able to achieve more by doing less, when we have intention of thought, word and deed through an awareness of what works for & serves us in achieving our wishes and happy ending.

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