Intuitive Reading (Rider-Waite) 3 card spread - Week 10, 2022

Past position = 5 of Pentacles Ugh, for still feeling the emo's and moving through the darked aspects of being. There is a lingering sensitivity towards how others perceive us and being vulnerable to external judgement. The Ugly Duckling comes to mind. It's like we are still cracking through the quagmire of internal self destruction and reconstruction. Losing bits of ourselves, as we transform and transmute, those parts of ourselves (body & mind) and our lives, as they have been (relationships, work, responsibilities, situations, places, how we spend our time and use our space etc.).

Current position = King of Wands Change is scary, and fear is an appropriate safety response to the unknown. However, we can get swallowed and chewed up by life, or we can anchor ourselves in our heavenly sacred state of self and being. Meaning we honour ourselves as kings and queens, as gods & goddesses. And by recognising this within ourself, we are able to do so in finding the same-same within others.

Instead of succumbing to our trespasses, we can choose to transcend these challenges & obstacles. We rise higher, by modeling our thoughts, words and actions on a higher state of consciousness, an awareness of our oneness through a natural law of connectivity and polarity. Polarity consciousness is about knowing that our strength and weaknesses are one in the same thing, as opposed to separation consciousness, which dictates opposition through separateness.

Our power lies within our ability to adapt to the changes. We are only able to do this through self control. Internal control empowers will power. This personal power superceeds any impacted external control measures. The knowledge of self and embracing self responsibility, leads to a greater version of what we believe we can be.

Forward position = The Empress III When we are being our most powerful selves through how we empower our body and mind, how we inspire our motivation and will, how we enlighten our lives & souls...this leads to the creation of abundance, wisdom, and a buffer from 'life's hard knocks' through our experiential journey.

It is through the justice of forgiveness (self) that we understand why and how we attract what we are, have & do in life, that we are able to enforce desirable change.

How low do you have to go, before you realize that you would thrive by honouring yourself as a sacred heavenly being.

As a feminine energy contains and restrains, cools and nurtures, so too, are you required to harness your innate creative forces and channel them through slow, progressive, consistent efforts...that will lead to you harvesting what you've sown. Choose to create positive energetic force power. Choose to create your heaven on earth.

See video for addendum to this read, with extra symbolic information.

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