Massage as a panacea for the body, mind and soul

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

I recently had the pleasure of doing a massage treatment on Liezl from Thriving Life with Liezl, who was commenting on how good she feels, afterwards, and as a result was asking what the further benefits are and to share that with you as a guest (thank you for the honour!).

I, as you must surely be, am weary of the generic '10 reasons massage is good for you' articles and blogs. So let me tell you how receiving a regular massage can eradicate the need for many other services because of the accumulated benefits.

The word massage comes from the French, meaning 'friction of kneading'. And depending upon where you go, and to whom, you may simply receive a bit of rubbing & plucking and/or just a tickle & a promise.

A professionally trained, and experienced service provider, can make the difference between living in a comfortable functional way, in a similar manner to an occupational therapist, or a life of permanent discomfort, aches, pains and, ultimately, prone to wear&tear and injury relying on orthopedic or oncology (and so many others) medical professionals.

The benefits of massage are cumulative, and a regular massage treatment, can keep the doctor away. This is due to the overall relaxing sensation of the muscular neural system, positively impacting the central nervous system, reducing the destructive affects of stress and modern ways of living. Stress is inflammatory, causing many of our current dis-eases, and massage is the touch elixir that calms the internal flames.

Touch also has the added benefit of releasing the feel-good hormone oxytoxin.

Physiologically massage stimulates lymph drainage, lowers blood pressure, calms anxiety, manages indigestion, relieves cramps, reduces intensity of headaches, and so so so much more (those volumes are on the interweb for perusal at your leisure).

My experience has taught me that by relaxing soft tissue, particularly muscular and fascial, using various techniques, in different ways (effectively, of course), can lead to a natural release of spinal tension, often sought relief from through chiropractic techniques. But if you limit treatment to adjustment of the spine (neck to hips as chiropractors are qualified to do), without releasing the tension that is pulling it in such a manner, it will all slip right back into that old holding pattern.

The only way to, fundamentally, address the issue is to release the spinal muscles, together with the supporting cervical, thoracic, lumbar and pelvic muscles. Now, I don't expect you to know where and what those are, but then that's why you use a professional service with a qualified service provider who knows where, and what is going on biologically, and structurally. And if they know enough, they may be able to assist with issues in a way that supports and even negates the need for physiotherapy.

A relationship with your massage treatment provider, is also an opportunity to release thoughts and feelings you may not be able to express to friends and family, in a more intimate manner than gossiping with your hairdresser, or barber. Talking out our troubles with a neutral 3rd party is a part of what going to your psychologist or councilor is about, with the exception that all we can do is listen with a generous and empathetic ear. I believe you know the answers to your questions and what actions are needed in your life, and when you hear what you have to say, it is often exactly the opportunity you needed to 'check out and tune in'. Perhaps having the space to clear your thoughts and mind, can work as well as seeing a relationship or marital adviser ;).

Being passionate about massage drives me to wax lyrical, and eyes begin to glaze over as i effuse over this engaging topic, but, without a doubt, an effective, regular (as often as your time and budget constraints will allow!) massage treatment is the singular best thing you can do for your health and well-being, as far as services go.

It is a panacea for the body, mind and soul!