Moldavite :: Transformations

Storm Element pg 251 Crystal Ally cards by Naisha Ahsian

A beautiful green tektite stone.

Foremost of transformational stones and it's effects are felt immediately in one's life.

Burns blockages in all chakras.

A strong stimulant to psychic sense and accelerates one's spiritual development and path.

It holds value as the legendary, 'emerald that fell from the sky', and believed to be the stone of the holy grail.

It is a merciless teacher and heralds a time of drastic growth and changes. People, things or life lessons that no longer serve you will drop away, clearing the path for the higher good to come.

This is not always an easy process, but if you are prepared to surrender to the Universal will, it can be a cathartic, cleansing and exciting time of spiritual unfolding.

It has immediate impact on those that attune to it's energies. It can cause heat flush, tingling, dizziness and even headaches. Use with caution. Should never be ingested for toxicity.

Due to it's effects on growth and movement in life, it can lead to changes in relationships, jobs, living environments, personal abilities, and manifestation abilities are enhanced.

This comes with deep personal transformation. Expect miracles.

It's going to be an exciting ride for the next few months. You may experience a 'falling away' of old relationships, jobs, securities, and situations. Anything that does not serve your ultimate path may go spinning off into space, leaving you transformed.

It's purgative effects can leave one feeling like you've been through the ringer, but it indicates change for the better. It creates a resonance with Universal understanding and creation (the colour reminds one of green nature, trees and plants and rainbows and also the heart chakra etc). Expect psychic or coincidental (synchronicity). It is time for you to begin the next phase of your spiritual learning.

Nxt let's look at the Storm element meaning of this Transformation card. The storm element is the most transformational of the ally cards. This force is the result of the synergistic combination of the energies of earth, fire, water and wind. When these elements combine, they create and energy that is more powerful than the sum of it's parts. A force which embodies the moment of creation and destruction, in one. It is the yin and yang combined (which could indicate the number 8). It's frequencies represent both the point of perfect balance, and the extremes of the polarities. It clears the air and drenches and renews the earth. Lightening charges the atmosphere with energy and refreshes the mind. It carries the energy of rebirth. When you are in a place of no movement in your life, it is as if you are experiencing a period of death. It creates a rebirth, in a new direction through which you can explore your life, once again. It is active on all levels - physical, mental and spiritual. It creates profound and drastic change throughout ones experiences. It tears down those aspects of ones life that are not stable and strong. It uproots those creations that no longer serve us and this enables new experiences and creations to take root. This element is useful when life is stagnant and there is a lack of movement or standstill. It is a-likened to Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, where you are sure to find yourself set down by the Storm in a new and unexpected place, full of growth, learning and renewal.

Ego based beliefs and ideas may be shattered. Old beliefs, we held dear, may become empty of meaning. We are gaining new levels of deeper understanding and growth. You are being called to stretch your arms to the sky and begin your initiation into the deeper mysteries of life.

The above meaning, is found on page 251, which in numerology adds up to 8.

The meaning of 8 derives its power as the number of wisdom on the soul plane.

It is also the centre of activity.

It is a number of enormous capacity for compassion and sympathetic tenderness for those in trouble.

There is harmony, as above and so below, and also of balance, power and abundance.

We see things clearly and are able to make decisions (if you use it as a pair of spectacles, which it can appear to be when place on it's side).

In the Bible, it represents new beginning, meaning a new order or creation and also there were 8 people on Noah's ark.

It is representative of when man's true 'born again' event, when he is resurrected from the dead into eternal life.

Pythagoras called it Ogdoad, meaning 'little holy number'. In China, it is homonym for prosperity and when pronounced it sounds like the word 'prosper'.

It is the number for Saturn who is the god of agriculture, founder of civilizations and of social order, and conformity. It is the ruling planet of Capricorn and traditionally Aquarius. Saturn takes 28-30 years to complete a full cycle. Because Saturn is a symbol of the wisdom which grows with