New Cycle...

Top row cards from Rider-Waite tarot deck, Middle row cards are from Destiny deck, Bottom card from Crystal Ally cards by Naisha Ahsian


indicates that we need to find more balance between our emotions and reality, which is about finding heaven on earth. This takes faith, hope, wisdom, courage...but when we can harness body, mind, spirit and follow our path, and embrace our knowing of what our hearts desire is, that thing that will be our crowning glo(w)ry.

The flow of water between the 2 (see Destiny cards below!) cups is how we measure the ebb and flow of life.

We need to use our talents and skills to uplift ourselves (these are those blessings that the King of Pentacles asks us to harvest). There are fertile grounds upon which to sow our seeds of creativity as we journey along life's path.

But balance is key between all aspects of ourselves (body, mind, and spirit).

This is the card of Sagittarius which is the archetype of exploration, inspiration, and the scholarly pursuit of laws and principles.

Jupiter is the planet of Sag and it has a broad-minded quest for truth and brings vision into the world and its influence is that of vast and enthusiastic thought concerning the nature of life and the universe. It is about expansion.

14 = 1+4 is 5: once we have established solid foundations (4 - see below) we can set out from there, on a new journey or begin a new project, or make plans to start over (1). It's like being at the centre point of a compass or a web and being able to extend outwards.

But it is unsettling, as change always is, and it is uncomfortable, as stepping out of one's comfort zone.

King of Pentacles

Notice how the king has tempered the dragon - a symbol of our ego, our demons and the ability to 'train our dragons' and yesterday i happened to see that the long awaited release of the movie How to train your dragon is imminent.

Notice the 4 bulls = 4 for stable foundations, 4 corners and bull is stability & solidity & steady & tempered.

It's time to take stock of what one does have to work with rather than what isn't there. We will see that, if we look (ace of swords), we have many blessings ready to harvest. Look at how stable and solid the throne upon which he sits is!

Pentacles are about money and material possessions. And there is the castle (our heaven) that we are supposed to create on earth..

This card holds the archetype of Capricorn which is a cardinal, earth sign. The cardinal signs speak of a new cycle. (" Typically, when we do stop to think and the consequences of the leap are realized there is a moment of panic. The initial leap is important because we all must make changes from old, not working habits to new, but the adrenaline rush of the freeze then causes a step backward toward the old mode of being. - . It is also relevant to note that Capricorn moved into the South Node of the moon late last year (

And being me, i couldn't help but add that this card also shows the rise of plants as a popular form of medicating through nutrition and psychonauting...and the recommended dose is 5 ;). But we will have to talk personally about this matter!

The above 2 cards are clarified by the PAYING YOUR DUES destiny card *read quote on card for further insight.

4 = security and building a foundation and making decision to relieve tension or anxiety.

The cow relates to the Money suit and represents money, wealth and sustenance and how you choose to exercise power. Money represents the fruit of your labour (see grapes and vines in King of Pentacles) and calls into question your attitude to wealth (pentacles). The means by which you acquire it and the way that you use it reflects your values (king of pentacles). A lack of money is closely related to where and how you invest time (temperance card) and energy (star card). Focusing on what you really want to do or are prepared to do to create wealth may resolve the conflict to not having enough and will enable you to place emphasis on doing the right things to acquire it (Ace of Swords). It's about how you exercise your power in relation to others (temperance) and the power dynamic present in a relationship (king of pentacles).


Notice the crown, first shown in Temperance. So we will see the light that will guide us on our path. An epiphany to cut through illusion and delusion.

We needed this in order to 'take stock' and see 'what we have' clearly, as in the King of Pentacles card.

With clarity we are able to see our blessings and face our time for 'crowning glory'.

There is a harmony between mental and emotional aspects of our being.

We have a solid grip on reality and a deeper sense of clarity.

The crown has 4 points - like the compass.

Your world begins to spin in a heavenly axis.

There is also reference to the Maypole and after some reading i see that it happens on 1st May, Pentacost...king of pentacles? And " Swedish scholar Carl Wilhelm von Sydow who stated that maypoles were erected "simply" as "signs that the happy season of warmth and comfort had returned" also directs me to King of Pentacles, doesn't he look comfortable and warm? And " Some scholars classify maypoles as symbols of the world axis (axis mundi)" which ties in to what i said above above re: heavenly axis.. And this:

Poet Jonathan Swift in his poem "A Maypole" describes a maypole as:

Deprived of root, and branch, and rind, Yet flowers I bear of every kind: And such is my prolific power, They bloom in less than half an hour;

Notice the mistletoe in the crown ( and the seaweed (Generally symbols associated with the sea can relate to the unconscious or the deeper aspects of the Self. Seaweed is a plant that grows underwater and can suggest what is growing ‘below the surface’ in the unconscious. It can be a positive symbol of how you have the gift of inspiration that you may not be tapping. It can be a negative symbol showing current entanglements that relate to complexes that you are not addressing. -<