Message for the Divine Feminine

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

I have a channelled message to share, if i may. Watch this ( then read:

This is, my divine feminine lovlies, is what we need to heal and nurture, both the inner masculine – more on that at another time – who have been raging demons & terrors in the heart, but also that of the external masculine, who has been fighting a war for us, divine feminines, but in the fight, they lost their way, they even forgot who and what they started fighting for (just like they can't find anything at home nor remember what they were supposed to get from shops!?!). Now the battle is coming to an end-over; some are determined to keep fighting nothing but a ghost and flailing blindly like Don Quixotic at the windmills; some understand it's over but don't quite know what to do next; stay and help their wounded brothers, bury their clansmen or follow in the stead of those, some of whom are wearily traipsing in the direction of 'home', but where is that, can they remember?, dragging their heels from always having to think on their toes under stressful life-threatening situations, head down from the fatigue of strategizing moves and applying primal survival skills; and shoulders sagged from the weight of carrying that shield and wielding that sword, protecting...whom and what from or for? With open hearts we welcome our warriors home, to find warmth and comfort at the hearth. Your home will be where ever you feel most reception, stay a bit, rest, then, when you are ready, tell me about your battles, all those times you were the victor... I don’t need to hear about those times you felt weak, and afraid, and ready to run when you felt the hot breath of the beast... for I too have felt it, my love.... While you were away, I stayed and defended our home....the place we seek our shelter, comfort & security. The wolves, lions, tigers, bears & snakes attacked our children, the fires of heaven burnt our crops and the waters from below washed away the top soils, we had to find ways to balance the harvests between droughts & floods, pestilence & mites,... we went hungry as our food was scarse but our gardens & forests sustained us so that our blood could continue to flow...maybe this red river would be the path back to us. Our elders & healers have few to pass their knowledge onto, and we as wombmen need you... we need seeds...of hope, of strength, passion... we need your energy to help us create new life to add to our community for every individual has a role to play in a cohesive collective, we need your strength to rebuild & maintain our shelters while we gather plants to heal and nourish all, We need your courage to keep predators at bay whilst we tend the gardens and eachother to keep the cycle strong and steadfast. Let us show you the foundations upon which to build. Let us share the knowledge we have each gained through our experience of our individual battles. We will open the door to your heart, but you must first find your way home... that is your journey now... We will help you find your way, just listen to our song and hear our collective voices....can you hear us yet? We will call you, just listen to the drum of our hearts beating....we are waiting! And while we wait... We will prepare ourselves. We will beautify ourselves, by stripping naked any false coverings and washing away the grime that shadows our perfection, so in our bareness we are ready to unite. We will comb the hair-veil from our eyes, so you can see that beneath our crowning glory, our eyes clearly see your beauty. We will wear our finest jewels, in hope that by sun or moon, it’s shine will reflect upon it to create a light to guide you on your way home. Remember to look up to the heavens, for there you will find the map, but at the same time, don’t forget to mind the stumbling blocks that lay stewn on your route. Fear not! For home is where the soils are fertile, four our blood nourishes it, the seasons are balanced, and in harmony we flow between them, the elements are calm, quiet, still we wait at the fireside, singing songs, dancing, sharing stories about those times our divines went off to war, proud & determined. Come home, my love, come home...we are preparing for your arrival... Re-member, my divine feminine, you are Freya, Goddess of Love.

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