The better truth about bitter foods...

Bitter foods contain sulphur-based compounds that

  • support the liver & gall bladder,

  • aid in detoxification

  • and digestion.

The properties of bitter foods in promoting digestion include the stimulation of production of the hormone, gastrin, which causes a cascade of changes in the digestive system in order to better digest food.

Gastrin is responsible for increasing the production of

  • bile,

  • pancreatic juice and

  • stomach juices, which activate digestion and increased movement of peristalsis of the intestines.

Due to the stimulation of bile flow through the liver, there is a lower risk of suffering from gallstones.

Bitter foods are also good at assisting in keeping the digestive flora in balance by destroying harmful microorganisms.

Food allergies are often a reflection of low digestive juices and those individuals are often prone to immune issues and suffer infections, of various sorts.

As a side effect, better metabolism, leads to weight loss as the bitter-type foods assist in metabolising fat soluble vitamins (ADEK), which can be toxic in high levels.

These foods tend to satisfy hunger more easily than the other flavours (sweet, sour, salty) so should be consumed in salads and enjoyed as refreshing herbal teas.

Examples of bitter foods are

  • arugula/rocket,

  • green tea,

  • radish,

  • coffee,

  • Brussels sprouts,

  • cabbage,

  • citricidal (Grapefruit Seed Extract – GSE),

  • and aloe.

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