Updated: Apr 22, 2020

The concept of will - free will and/or will power.

Shared by Latin as 'wish'.

The online dictionary has the following to say:

verb modal verb: will

1. expressing the future tense. "you will regret it when you are older"

expressing a strong intention or assertion about the future. "come what may, I will succeed"

2. expressing inevitable events. "accidents will happen" Similar: have a tendency to are bound to have a habit of do

3. expressing a request. "will you stop here, please"

expressing desire, consent, or willingness. "will you have a cognac?"

4. expressing facts about ability or capacity. "a rock so light that it will float on water"

5. expressing habitual behaviour. "she will dance for hours"

(pronounced stressing ‘will’) indicating annoyance about the habitual behaviour described. "he will keep intruding"

6. expressing probability or expectation about something in the present. "they will be miles away by now"

I have been pondering this concept as it keeps popping up in my frame of reference, and will only dissolve once i address it. So instead of randomly pulling a Crystal Ally card, I specifically searched for a related card and the very one became available. It is from page 127 (in numerology this would be 10, and will be addressed, at a later stage in this post).

It is a fire element, which again will be addressed, after we first look at the stone, Malachite.

It is indicative of the wisdom of the Atlanteans and being able to channel energy through the 3rd chakra (the solar plexus - the yellow part of fire).

The throne is symbolic of the right use of Will.

This stones real power lies in it's ability to clear the influences of the ego from the Will, aligning the 3rd chakra, and the force (and seat) of our own will, with that of the Divine.

It teaches us of the appropriate application of personal power.

We apply our personal power on the earth plane.

It is through our Will that we manifest matter from the energetic framework, that teaches us how to correctly apply our innate force of Will, to the situations around us in order to affect change.

We are taught, in this (our) culture, that one must, either be domineering and/or misuse our power to conquer, and/or be subservient, and/or envy the power, success and wealth of others. We must learn the path of balance through these polarities (being domineering and being subservient, the balance between activity and passivity, the pull of the opposites towards each other rather than apart from each other).

Our own will is aligned either with our ego, or with the Divine Will of the universe.

When our will is aligned with the ego, we apply that energy through manipulation, bargaining, and the attempted control of others.

While we can create and manifest this way, anything that is created by these methods, is usually not for our highest good.

These creations will be empty, and unsatisfying, leading us to want 'more' and 'better' creations in order to feel fulfilled and be satisfied.

When our Will is aligned with the Divine Will, however, we become channels for manifesting that which is for our highest good.

We release the need to create specific forms, and open ourselves to manifesting that which will help us n fulfilling our purpose on Earth.

In this way, every creation that we manifest, will fulfill a need, even though it may not manifest in the form we expect.

This correct use of Will creates a sense of trust in the universe and a feeling of fulfillment and joy in our creations.

We can become conduits for a higher power than we alone can generate.

We no longer feel the need to manipulate others into taking responsibility for our creations; but can joyfully accept our part in the creation of the Age of Light.

When leaders, who were sworn to protect and serve us, exert their own will from ego, this results in slavery to fulfill greed need, war to satiate desire for domination, manipulation through fear to satisfy their hunger for power.

This is the tradition that our cultures are built upon.

It is for this reason, that most of us have been conditioned to align our will with ego.

It is a good time to review how you use your will.

This force is a crucial energy we use in creating our reality.

We can either maintain a victim role by allowing others to be our pawns of action, or we can take a creator's role and recognize how we are applying our will to create our experiences.

Is your will aligned with your ego, attempting to create through manipulation and/or coercion? or

Is your will aligned with your higher power? (releasing all expectation from the form that a creation will take, and wanting only to manifest that which is best for your highest good)

Take a look at your current situation - How are you using your will to both, create and maintain the experience you are having?

Seek the path of balance and the right use of will, and the universe will guide you to a resolution(s) that is for the highest good (of all).

Now let's look at the FIRE element aspect to this matter. It is an energy of extreme cleansing, purifying and change. It transmutes and forges energies. It's powers of destruction are part of the life/death cycle.

We are reminded of the legends of dragon to speak to us of the power of TRANSMUTATION.

The mighty lizard, with wings of a bird and breath of fire (destruction). If a dragon was caught and killed, it's inner self consuming flames would transmute the dragons flesh and bones into treasures of gold and precious jewels (the rewards given to a brave heart that has survived the perilous journey). And we must not forget, the boy who slays the dragon complete's his hero's quest a knight.

The symbol of the Phoenix (rising from the ashes) tells of a great bird of incredible beauty that at the end of it's life, would burst into flames and be co