Intuitive reading 18/04/2020 - Insight and Clarification on WILL

To start, read the blog on Will, as these cards are the insight or clarification cards, for the concept of free will and/or will power.

As below, so above (upside down from usual), I am going to start with the Destiny cards (bottom row), and then this will lead into the Rider-Waite tarot cards (above).

Awareness Spirit suit 7

The author of the quote on this card, wrote one of my favourite love stories (Love in the time of Cholera), and immediately this ties in with the Cups card above it, since both Spirit suit and Cups suit marry well, due to their declaration of living from a soul level, with your feels and loving yourself and life. The love story i refer to, above, is a bitter sweet romance, and the spirit suit reflects your essential self, inner guide, and connection with life, and nature. It is you engaging with life, and all it's aspects to learn the lessons that will guide you on your journey. What choices are you making to learn and grow about yourself and others?

7 refers to Inner Work where big questions surface that require resolution. It is time to go within and re-examine what has brought you to this point and what needs to be changed. Decide what no longer serves you, and what you need to let go of, or bring closure to. Reflect on desires, or needs that have long been suppressed but now need to be realised.

7 of Cups

As this card shows, we are presented with numerous cups, of the things we think we love/desire/believe/yearn for/want/value, and we are in the dark with regards to what choices to make. Some of the choices we have to decide upon are not as clear as we would like, and hence we need to follow the advice of the card above, go within and see, that after your needs have been met, you only need concern yourself with those things that fill you with pleasure and satisfaction (this is the wants part of ourselves, which is usually ego based, but necessary for survival skills).

And these tell us that in order to use our Will power wisely, as advised in the previous related reading, we need to choose those things that serve the greater good, as a Divine Light.

Both cards speak of balancing inner work and awareness of our options. Starting where we are, with what we have is achieved by taking cognizance of our blessings and gifts, and then finding ways to use them for positive output.

Channeling Your Power Work suit 13

Well, will power and free will take effort and discipline and only useful to those who know how to wield it's power. That's why it's important to channel your power. We are energy beings and we can drive the energy of our will to create positive change. It is you being the alchemist of your life and waving a magic wand to effect the change you wish to see in your life, based upon the choices you make (as per cards above reflect).

The work suit represents money, wealth, and sustenance, and how you choose to exercise power (will power). How and where you expend energy reflects your values, your attitude towards wealth and the fruits of your labours. The way that you acquire it and the way that you use it indicates where you need to invest time and energy. Focus on what you really want to do, or prepared to do, to create wealth. This should resolve the conflict of not having enough and place emphasis on doing the correct things to achieve this.

It also talks about the power we have in relationships (thus our leadership role or abilities) and the power dynamics present. This is kind of the balance of yin and yang principles, being aware of both your feminine and masculine needs, for yourself as an individual (and i am already starting to see how this ties in with The High Priestess card, where she is sitting in between the black and white pillars).

13 in this card talks about Exercising Power in that you have recognised your ability to influence and change your life. You contemplate (7 of cups and Inner Work) how to exercise personal power for the good of all (again, being a leader in your area of skill or expertise, community, family, business, marriage, parent etc.). You become one with the universal will (and the previous related reading, talks about being in alignment with Divine Will, which we could as-true to be the same same thing, yes?) and no longer see yourself in isolation (although we are in isolation, many of us, we are making stronger connections, with valued partners, friends, lover, affiliates and associates, and new opportunistic channels for thriving. We are beginning to understand our role, in the greater community, better, and how we can serve, using our unique creativity, knowledge, abilities and skill sets. We all have a role to play and are a piece of the puzzle that makes up the greater whole.

The Judgement tarot card XX

This is a major arcarna. That means big, important life and living stuff and matters. We are calling into question our choices (as 7 of cups shows) and we are making decisions based on what serves us. We are our own worst judge and executioner and thus it is always worth gaining a sense of your value to others by allowing yourself to consider their judgments. But only those who you trust and who's judgement you value should be consulted, as critic. We are having to evaluate conditioning we have carried since childhood, and those that have long been buried (as the Awareness card talks about). We are restructuring our decision making processes, streamlining and dealing with red flags (some of which are just red herrings, so don't loiter there too long!). It's time to shift the wheat from the chaff. Remember that in criticism (self and others), we must we willing to allow the ego death, so as not to invoke it's defensive offensives, and we must bury those useless attitudes, manners, habits, and such, to allow the growth of a new layer of consciousness to grow from those energy sapping (hi)stories.

XX is 20 which is 2 multiplied by 10 times. That is good! It reflects balance, harmony, partnerships, union. As the flag hanging off the trumpet (time of heralding the Truth) the angel (Gabriel, messenger of God = connecting with Divine Will) is playing, is a red cross, which if not viewed from a Christian perspective, relates to heiros gamos (which i've mentioned before in a facebook post on 10Feb2019*). But if viewed through the Christian religious lens, we have reference to Resurrection (and this ties in well with the Awareness destiny card). We are being called to channel our power in the work we do on ourselves, and for the greater good of all, as per divine will.

Harmony Love suit 13

I love the confirmation on the previous 13, so the message is compounded that we need to be aware of how we exercise power. And it's already been mentioned that we need to find balance in the choices we are making. The Love suit speaks to us of our essential connections and bonding with others. Who or what we are called to love (Cups suit in tarot) is a reflection for what we need to develop in our own lives. How we contribute towards the greater good. My eye can't help but be drawn to the card above (The High Priestess), again there is reference to her sit-ting between pillars. The word Harmony, brings to mind the word Homeostasis (the body's ability to balance itself within very small ranges for error, but yet it does so, utilizing chemicals, hormones, feedback systems, and suchlike). So lets look at

The High Priestess

Again, she is a card I have pulled and examined many times, but as with tarot, every time one does a reading the card speaks differently, and thus each time must be take in its own merits, based on the supporting cards, and the will of the reading (since we are dealing with Will). The screen behind our lady, shows a cloth (hiding what is behind her - is that the past or the future that is unclear? They work together like yin and yang) with a pattern containing the fruits of her labours (pomegranate). Her throne is not very clear, as with other throne sitting entities in the tarot, and this shows that she is still in watery grounds, not much ground structure to seat herself upon. She is resting in her knowing of clarity and with balanced support structures, and the pearl of wisdom, and the understanding of the dark-side, and the guidance of the divine light. She has all the knowledge she needs, and has shed light on her devilish (self sabbotage) ways. She is confident in her understanding and by going with the flow, is guided by the oracles of her connection with All That Is/God/Consciousness/Awareness.

And these 2 cards feed back into our original quest, to find more meaning of the concept of Will, where we were told to find balance in our choices and live from the highest love, as a leader, and all those other things sayed there.

So in conclusion, Will is a construct we can direct and cause effect, using it's power. All we need do is be aware of our choices and find balance in that and how we use the power of our Will. And it has the heat and energy of fire to transmute and transform in it's destruction, to make way for renewal (resurrection). But first we need to dig deep to delete outdated, outmoded and nonfunctional ideas, habits, constructs.

I am being given one last bit of guidance (useful), about how we can survive the fire, by learning to use it's heat and light to our advantage. You have a way, and the only way out, is through.