Commercial products vs natural (mostly plants) home & skin care alternatives

Why do you choose chemically scented, bulked, and preserved, skin & home care products when everything you need for a cleaner, greener way of living is already available in a less processed, non resource-depleting production format?


using common everyday ingredients
all purpose cleaner

Why do you use pine-scented toilet cleaner when you could just sprinkle a few drops of pine essential oil into the toilet bowl and down drains? Pine oil is a versatile essential oil and is a powerful disinfectant, sanitizer, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, insecticide, herbicide...and it smells like a burst of pure forest freshness!

There are many alternatives, one can use in ones home care and cleaning regime that reduce the need to stimulate plastic and chemical-producing industries. These, include, but are not limited to, common every-day ingredients such as;

  • Bicarbonate of soda which acts as a mild abrasive so will whiten and brighten as well as deodorize by absorbing odours.

  • Vinegar is useful for cleaning those surfaces with grime and grease due to it's acidity (and why it may be corrosive to some surfaces). Add tea tree oil to improve smell and to add extra anti-everything magic. Very good for resolving mould and fungi growth in showers and grouting and will even clear blocked drains.

  • Orange oil/gel is effective for dissolving fatty matter, acts as an anti-bacterial, and smells so refreshingly zesty. Good for washing dishes, laundry and general cleaning.

Sapindus contains soapy components used for skin, hair and clothes care.
Soap nuts or soapberries

  • Soap nuts are a sustainable, re-usable and gentle soap-producing plant (related to the litchi) that can be used in dish-washing, laundry and even as shampoo.

  • Boric acid and Epsom salts are both useful in household and medical care preparations. Please use your googly-oogly to find out more about these multi-purpose effective ingredients.


Why do you put scented chemical-laden lotions & potions on your skin when you could, as easily, use products from your store cupboard and fridge e.g.

  • A handful of good wholegrain oats placed in a muslin bag (or a knotted piece of pantyhose works just as well!), placed in bath and, after a period of soaking, is squeezed to release the 'milk'. This is very soothing for irritated skin such as eczema. Oat bran makes a gentle facial exfoliator.

  • A base oil of olive, almond, macadamia and/or grapeseed make a nourishing skin moisturizer and if you add a few drops of your preferred essential oil, you can create your own brand of natural perfume. I have one that I use in massage, called Blossom blend. It smells heavenly and has the added benefits of calming nerves, refreshing and uplifting ones spirits and energy levels.

  • Then there is the all-purpose coconut oil, which is no only good for internal nourishment (used in cooking), but also for a plethora of other personal care matters, such as;

  1. toothpaste - either use on it's own or add charcoal, bicarbonate of soda and/or turmeric to whiten and cleanse teeth and gums.

  2. skin care - many massage service providers use this as their preferred massage base due to the fact that it is suitable for most skin types, applies smoothly and is deeply hydrating and nourishing for skin health. Scent and compliment it with other beneficial properties, by adding essential oils e.g. rose, neroli, rose geranium, lemon etc...avoid lemon balm and black pepper as these can irritate the skin.

  3. sexual lubricant - no only does it taste good but it adds good glide ;)

  • Yogurt makes an effective base for a skin mask, due to the probiotics it contains. It is the best after-sun, soothing sunburn care, I have ever experience; lather, thickly, onto affected area and allow to slowly work it's magic, as the water absorbs into skin, you know it's been left on skin long enough when it starts to resemble cottage cheese :).

  • Course sea salt or sugar mixed with a couple of drops of olive oil makes for a silky smooth body scrub.

Choosing to keep things simple, and making small, convenient changes, one by one, is the first step towards living a cleaner, greener life. The next step is to find a refill store in your local hood. Please also give yourself some credit for the fact that you have already made a difference by cutting down on the amount of plastic and packaging you are saving together with the fact that you are not introducing more chemical waste into our water and soil chain!

These are a few quick examples of hacks you can introduce into your life, to be kinder to your body, consciousness and the planet. If you would like to learn more tricks on how to hack your health and live a more functional lifestyle, then please consider a wellness consult or one-on-one coaching.