Depression - every way but West is best

In our common culture & set-up, when the stressors of life get too much and we hit adrenal fatigue, gut & hormonal imbalances, chemical & neuro toxin overload, and others, we tend to feel depressed.

After months, or years, of feeling tired all the time, feeling run down and, either, exasperated by or simply numb to life, we head off to our GP, who after a brief chat, sends you off to the pharmacy to collect your prescription for anti-anxiety, anti-depression and sleeping tabs - my idea of a perfect chemical shit storm, to add to the already burdened systems of the body. In the short-term, prescribed anti-depressants, may serve a purpose, but over the longer term, should be replaced with healthier, more sustainable methods.

We tend to make things very complicated, for some or other reason, and using my body, mind & spirit approach, I like to use the universal law of Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS).

Always starting with removing what should not be there, before learning how to balance & control our physical be-ing. Once the canvas has been cleaned, repaired and restored, we can look at addressing the 'left-over' symptoms, discomforts & diseases. There are so many ways to tackle depression, anxiety and insomnia, before turning to the dead end option that our Western medical-pharma system has to offer.

One is of the opinion that we need to make the most of our tools and resources, especially the natural choices nature has to offer. We can use as many of the following to achieve a joyful, balanced, peaceful state of mind:

  • Nutrition is really the starting point for any health improvement and wellness regime. Many of the cascading problems we experience with our well-being is due to poor nourishment at a cellular level. As I've repeated, ad nauseam, we are simply a system of chemical, hormonal, kinetic, magnetic, electrical, energetic actions & reactions. A change in one part of the system will affect the whole. See blog posts for more on diet and nutrition such as healthy fats, super foods, grains, etc.

  • Exercise is a crucial part of any well-being plan. See this article for more.

  • Recreation & fun are the best way to find balance with the demands of living responsibilities. Join sports and/or activity groups and have fun while exercising and being social all at the same time.

  • Breathing plays an important part in physiology (elimination and so much more) and mental relaxation (meditation & breathing techniques)

  • Rest & relaxation - we lead demanding lifestyles, and between work and play, we also need to find time to chill. It is good for your mental health. It gives your liver time to do it's job. You could also try relaxation therapies uych as Ozone therapy, flotation therapy, meditation etc.

  • Supplementation e.g. GABA & Tyrosine work in a similar way to sleeping tablets & anti-depressants by helping us relax and feel energized and less wired. adaptogens are substances, usually herbs, that help regulate adrenal & hormonal functioning, magnesium is an essential chemical that helps relaxation of muscles and more, Vitamin D plays an important part in mood regulation, weight management and more.

  • Plant medicine is the use of plants in the form of teas, tinctures, extracts, parts of the plant encapsulated, consumed raw as part of diet, etc.

  • Mycotherapy is the use of mushrooms as a therapy e.g. reishi, lions main, cordyceps etc. There are also those that work, pharmacologically, the same way as anti-depressants.

  • Support Services can be hands on e.g. reflexology, massage or wellness coaching, or techniques that support you e.g. Body Stress Release (BSR), BodyTalk, Reiki, and in some cases you learn better coping mechanisms e.g. Trauma Release Exercises (TRE).

So, as you can see, there is so much you can do, to deal with this depressing topic, without much anxiety or stress, that support, better health & wellness, the organic way.

Nicci B showing you how to live a life you love, and love the life you live.