Clearing heavy metal toxins with chelation

Chele is a Greek work meaning 'crab claw'. To start with we need to understand that chelation is a type of bonding of ions and molecules to positively charged metal ions to create larger particle for safe transpiration and removal. And that it is a form of treatment that involves the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body.

Examples of chelating agents in nature are

  • haemoglobin, which chelates an iron molecule in blood,

  • chlorophyll which chelates a magnesium molecule in plants and

  • vitamin C which chelates an iron molecule to facilitate its absorption from the gut.

It is a form of 'detox' support.

Chelation therapy is the preferred medical treatment for metal poisoning, including those such as acute mercury, iron, arsenic, lead, uranium, plutonium and other forms of toxic metal poisoning. The chelating agent may be administered intravenously, intramuscularly, or orally, depending on the agent and the type of poisoning.

There are a variety of common chelating agents with differing affinities for different metals, physical characteristics, and biological mechanism of action.

Chelation therapy forms a part of my wellness protocol as the first step of elimination.

What causes the need to follow a chelation programme?

  • Coffee: one of the most heavily fumigated crops, and the roasting process leaves volatile coffee oils open to rancidity, which happens rapidly. Eliminate coffee because it is toxic, and acts as a diuretic.

  • Alcohol is a diuretic, it diminishes blood oxygen levels and depletes key liver detoxification enzymes, depletes minerals, raises blood sugar, and slows metabolism.

  • Body Care products such as makeup, face creams, shampoos, lotions, deodorants, even toothpaste, contain toxic chemicals that are endocrine disruptors and liver congesting substances. Choose natural brands, that are organic and parabens, chemical and preservative free.

  • Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners such as Aspartame and Nutrasweet break down in the body to produce neurotoxins such as glutamic acid, and liver toxins such as methanol. A recent study showed that animals fed aspartame gained more weight because their fatty tissue became less vascular, less metabolic, making it harder to burn fat. Replace sugar and artificial sweeteners with stevia, xylitol or raw honey.

  • Dairy products causes mucus production in the body, which congests the liver and the lymphatic system, slowing and complicating the detoxification process. Dairy also contains metabolites of pus from the inflamed cows udders, and hormones used to increase milk production. Avoid dairy during the detox process, and minimize dairy in general. Choose organic, raw dairy to minimize toxins and to maximize nutrition.

  • MSG, preservatives, artificial flavourings found in all ready-made meals, store-bought sauces, gravies, chutneys, marinades, processed foods, cakes, biscuits, sweets, chocolates etc

  • Hydrogenated oils and trans fats like cooking oil, canola oil, margarine, etc. Rather use extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil in a dark glass bottle or organic coconut oil.

  • Pesticides: Eat organic food as much as possible. Wash your produce well. If you must eat conventional produce, avoid the 12 most highly fumigated produce items: Strawberries, Bell peppers (green and red), Spinach, Cherries, Peaches, Cantaloupe, Celery, Apples, Apricots, Green beans, Grapes, and Cucumbers

  • Medications: for example lithium used to treat bi-polar disorder.

Testing can determine if you have heavy metal toxicity. Hair and urine are two common ways to test for type and levels of systemic poisoning.

In the end we can say that every day we come into contact with heavy metals, due to their omnipresence: heavy metals are present in drinking water, food, air, products for personal and domestic hygiene. It is important to know that they can not be avoided completely, but once settled in our body, can cause serious health problems and ailments. It is therefore not surprising that a large number of doctors, specialists, nutritionists and phytotherapists regularly study this field of science, constantly trying to contribute to the prevention and treatment of this serious health and environmental problems. Chelation therapy is effective for reducing toxic effects of metal ions. Having in mind that the use of chelating agents is limited by its adverse effects, it is necessary to choose the most suitable chelating agent as a medicament, and to avoid disruption of metal homeostasis.

What can you do to prevent & treat for fat soluble toxins & heavy metal toxicity?


Clean water

Avoid toxic chemicals