Spring Clean the body from the inside out - Step A: ABOLISH

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

The first step in 'cleaning' the body is to abolish those elements that shouldn't be there.

Tools to spring clean the body, from the inside to the outside

Elimination should be addressed on a body, mind and spirit level, as per the usual Nicci B Wellness tri-focus approach.

Furthermore, we need to consider addressing all systems involved in elimination, using a variety of tools such as, nutrition, supplementation, movement, and functional living (successful habits of daily living).

As always, it's best to keep things simple and, in order to remain comply-worthy, they must be easy and fast to adopt, as a matter of convenience.

It is widely believed that the DIGESTIVE system is the first frontier we need to confront, in order to improve our general well-being. And this makes absolute sense in that it is, amongst other things, our first level of defense (provided by lymphoid tissue and Peyer's patches, for example) against the external world of detriments, and also that it is where we breakdown, digest and assimilate our most vital nutritional needs.

There are numerous factors to consider, when addressing removing unwanted guests, such as microbacteria, parasites such as worms, and trapped organisms. Consider the fact that as many invaders die off they have a toxic, and thus inflammatory effect that leaves us feeling symptoms similar to those of flu. I have a few tools to assist with this discomfort whilst you undergo the elimination protocol.

The next system we address is that of the LYMPHATIC. This is the system that the body, naturally uses to get rid of unwanted elements such as toxins and waste. It is comprised of lymph glands, networking throughout the body, to carry the invader-fighting and anti-body producing lymph fluid, and also includes the spleen, thymus, adenoids & tonsils. Does it make sense to remove these bits of body when they play an important part of keeping us well? Inflammed tonsils and adenoids could be attributed to poor gut health, often following the alternative medical birthing experience, where the infant misses out on that first mouthful of gut biotics as it exits the mother's stomach as opposed to the vagina.

As we begin to make healthier, more plant-based nutrition choices, and improve our quality and quantity of hydration, we will experience the release of fat-stored toxins, those that the LIVER could not process sufficiently and thus stored for a better day, whilst it continued to prioritise other more threatening chemicals, such as alcohol, drugs (yes, including those prescribe by your doctor!), ingested chemicals via food and liquids e.g. colourants, flavour enhancers, preservatives, leached plastic xeno-oestrogenic toxins etc.

After following an ABOLISH PROTOCOL, and have adjusted dietary choices, we can also use plants and herbs as supplements to hack support for those body systems, mentioned above. We will consider improved ways to get more fibre, pro-biotics and other digestive support elements.

Once the inside has been addressed, on a fundamental level, we can also look at the outside. From dry skin brushing to massage and even a non-invasive foot reflexology, are useful tools to compound the effects of the action taken from within. Activities such as rebounding or skipping are good for promoting lymph drainage and improving it's circulatory sister system. Even something like turning our breathing motion from unconscious to conscious, can be use as an elimination process.

As we can see, clearing the body has many aspects to keep one busy...

But/And we must not forget about the mental clearing and the spiritual reboot, to support the abolishing of any unwanted aspects in our lives and it's living.

So when you book your Wellbeing consultation you will be investing in your body, mind and spirit. Not only can you expect to look and feel better, but also learn so much about your body and it's unique expression.

Ongoing support is also available, and there is, certainly, a something from the service list to satisfy each ones custom needs.