Guided intuitive reading: 10-17th March 2019

Intuited guided card reading for March 10-17, 2019
Top row 3 cards from Rider-Waite tarot deck, below 2 cards from Destiny cards, Card on right is from Crystal ally cards

9 of CUPS

Cups is about our emotions and feelings, and we feel as if we are satisfied with all we have now. Perhaps we are waiting to see what we love will bring us, if we do our work with love or be more present in our love relationships, we can value what we have with more appreciation...

However, there is a sense that (9) we must consider if our table is full of the things we want or if we have hit the ceiling with regards to wanting more and better.

We have to clearly feel what we need and not be a prisoner to those things we believe we love (see Moon card)...are our issues regarding those things we love enabling us to achieve the best version of ourselves and help us fulfil our purpose in life?

It's time to put our thinking caps on to see how we can make our lives the brightest and most fulfilling possible.

9 = endings, completion.


As we emerge from the watery depths of our feelings (emotions), that caused ripples in our lives, we must follow a path that seems unknown. We feel a little in the dark and perhaps there is more light to be shed on certain matters regarding the way forward.

We must find the balance between our tame and wild aspects of self, as we pass through the a portal. By embracing our wilder side we have access to our nuggets of gold in the form of...confidence, strength and determination.

We can choose to simply howl at the moon, or we can embrace the unknown, as the master of our own watch tower.

Know that if you choose this path... there are mountains to be climbed but there is also the beauty of a journey upwards and being able to soar from greater heights.

XVIII 18 = 1+8=9 which ties in beautifully with the previous card numerical value. Perhaps it is the end of life as you know it now...and the start of something new and better...?


Perhaps we have been bound by an idea of how things should've played out in our lives and an expectation, and if where we have planted our staff is paying due divid-ends.

We could be playing with ideas of change and making choices that will serve us better and offer more security in all aspects of our lives. We are staking our hopes and wishes on love and peace in work, love and play.

When it comes to decision making we are encouraged to use meditation as a place of stillness from where to draw the answers we carry inside. Knowing who we are and what we want, creates the stepping stone to meeting our needs on a physical, mental, and emotional and spiritual level.

We are at a crossroads...

2 = coming together or balance. Perhaps partnerships and unions.


*see quote on card for more insight.

6 = Exuberance, you have experienced a breakthrough and are enjoying success and happiness. Revel in how wonderful, heady and intoxicating it feels Express yourself.

Love suit represents essential connections and bonding with another, family, friends,

associates and the greater community. Who or what you are called to love is often a mirror for what you need to develop in your own life.

NB: this ties in very well with 9 Cups card


Consider yourself extra lucky when you get this card. You are being encouraged to trust yourself and follow your heart!


Wind element ally governs the realms of the Spirit world and the mind.

Page = 2+2+7=11 (a master number, portal to higher realms of consciousness).

A beautiful path (see The Moon card) leads you through difficult and dark mountains toward a brilliant doorway to the higher realms. It is the image of the 'path of service'.

This path is not always easy, but is the highest path that we can walk on Earth.

Charoite activates the 3rd eye and crown chakras. It leads one on the the path of dharma (divine service - understand how best to serve on Earth as an emissary of the Divine Light). It directs divine inspiration into the lower chakras, so that action can be taken on the knowledge receive from the higher mind.

If you have been unsure of what path to take in order to best serve on Earth at this time, this crystal ally has appeared to lead you forward. It's high frequency instills feeling of peace and surrender to Divine will, enabling one to more easily flow with the river of personal destiny.

What is our purpose?

Why are we here?

...expect to receive insight and light cast on on your life, becauSe you have witHin you talents and abilities that are unique to your purpose here on the planet and you are being called to remember these personal gifts, and find a way to apply them for the higHest good, in service to all creating.


NB: It is interesting to note that mercury is currently in retrograde until 28th March, in Pisces, and thus it will seem like communication is difficult or misunderstood which aligns well with The Moon card.