Know for enlightenment

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Since we are multi-dimensional beings we need to get to know ourselves on all levels; body, mind & soul.

Allow me to share some of the tools and resources I have used over the years to learn about my own biological, mental and spiritual state of being.

Please consider that your state of being is constantly changing; in response to your thoughts, actions and response to environment.

Establishing baseline stats on your current state is the best place to start. And it is wise to start with the body, the vessel for our soul (consciousness). When we meet for your comprehensive health consultation, we will review your health and lifestyle history and current habits of daily living, as well as all possible influencing factors that are affecting your health and well-being. Your post consult notes will include recommendations, suggestions and useful resources for addressing health & lifestyle matters, paying particular attention to those aspects that are causing you pain, discomfort and/or dis-ease. Areas covered include, but not limited to, nutrition, functional movement, supplementation, herb & plant medicine alternatives, stress management techniques, and add on services such as reflexology, massage and/or reiki.

However, some useful things to know when you attend your consul, are latest blood and medical test results. It is my aim, to support any treatment regime you are receiving from your preferred medical practitioner. So while I am learning about you, perhaps you can use some of these resources & tools to get to know your body composition better:

Metabolic Type - this is a more comprehensive approach to the blood group diet, and that is one component that falls into this ideology.

Dosha Typing is an Ayurvedic approach to looking at more than body composition to advise regarding diet and exercise.

Do you have leaky gut syndrome? Do this Dr Amy Myers quiz to find out.

Then you can also determine your temperament according to the Tibbs system of medicine.

For understanding our attitudes and mental processes we can use these great 'know thyself' tools:

* John Demartini has a useful questionnaire to assist you in determining your values and thus your operational coding.

* Tony Robbins has a personality test that helps you to understand yourself better.

The more we know about our desires,wishes, drivers and responses, physical and mental, the better we can build on our strengths, maintain our comforts and improve upon (or lovingly accept) our flaws.

Nicci B Wellness services are designed to help you in your pursuit of self knowledge as a path to self mastery and excellence. Remember that wellbeing is a state of being in body, mind and spirit.