NB Starlight Guide reading for 13 June 2019

This is an example of the kind of format you could expect to receive a purchased reading, using a random draw of the energies for today. It does vary from reading to reading, but will usually include 3 Rider-Waite cards, 2 Destiny cards, and 1 Crystal Ally card.

For today reading we have the following (refer to image):

The World XXI

The first thing i notice, is the number of the card 21, which in numerology adds up to 3 (2+1=3), and 2019 is a 3 year (as referred to in previous blogs). 2+0+1+9=3

But as the card shows, it's about the current flux and flow. What goes round comes round.

We look to the corners of the earth, perhaps a reflection of our looking at our lives, as a macro, in order to determine what needs adjusting on the micro.

We have access to all elements, Air/Water/Fire/Earth, in order to help us build our heaven on earth (this has also been explained in more detail in a previous blog). It's a bit like the act of having to mix earth and water to create mud, which we then fire in an urn, and finally lay out in the air to dry, before we start packing them together to create our abode.

We also have the characteristics we require, in order to move into the new. We tap into the intelligence of Aquarius (air), driven by the emotives of Scorpio (water), led by the passion of Leo (fire), and finally secured by the solidity of Taurus (earth).

We stand stripped bare of all unnecessary burdens and baggage, evenly balanced and trusting in the process, with faith we dance towards the unknown.

The High Priestess II

This is our highest inner knowing, our true self.

I am seeing the II as a gateway, more so than the number 2 (which is about balance, synergy, partnerships). Just as she sits between the 2 pillars of yin and yang, confident and all-knowing (the moon is about the unconscious and unknown, the pearl of wisdom as her crown, and the blue robe is the clarity of air).

Just as the previous card indicated going with the flow even in the unknown, so too does this card reflect same-same, with the pomegranate drape hiding whats behind her.

What's in the past is past, perhaps its time to leave the past behind, and focus on the future - energy flows where our focus goes. Again, this is confirmation as in the first card about dumping unnecessary burdens and baggage.

She too flows, if you notice how both cards have fabric draped like a flowing river.

Pomegranates symbolize our central beliefs and ideals, namely, life and death, rebirth and eternal life, fertility and marriage, and abundance.

Notice the cross at her heart chakra area (mid chest). The cross is a symbol of heiros gamos (marriage of the divine feminine and divine masculine and a divine meeting of the heaven and earth - as above, so below ).

NB: Notice how both the first 2 cards are what we call major arcarna. This means BIG LIFE STUFF!

Seven of Cups

Making choices.

7 is about inner work and questions that need answers or situations that need resolution. What has brought you to this point?

What needs to change?

What no longer serves you?

What do you need to let go of?

What do you need to being closure to?

Cups have to do with our feels and emotions, so we ask What desires or needs that have been suppressed or repressed, need to now be realized?

And both previous cards allude to releasing unnecessary baggage.

Ten of Cups

Well look at that! What a wonderful sight!

We have rainbows and dancing for joy, and a full house of cups.

This is the happiness we have been looking towards.

Perhaps if we are able to take the advise about letting go, getting with flow, we can most successfully realize our dreams and wishes and goals and ambitions.

NB: Notice how both the last cards are cups, meaning we need to focus on what makes us feel happy!

Fertility Nine Sex

9 is about completion (and the ending of a cycle, as reference to The World Card). You enjoy clarity with regard to what you want and are getting ready to live life to the full. You put your house in order, resolve old issues and move on with strength and clarity (The High Priestess).

The sex suit represents passion, creativity and sexuality.

So again we see that balance between yin and yang.

And we are at the point of needing to take action towards what we want to create - Fertility.

Flirtation One Sex