NB Starlight Guide reading for 16 June 2019 – SYNCHRONICITIES

Decks used: Radiant Rider-Waite tarot cards, Destiny cards, Astrological Oracle deck, Crystal Ally card


The complete synchronicity of the numbers matching between RW and Destiny cards is magically unbelievable. These cards are all shuffled and pulled at random, as my intuit calls.

Two of Wands + 2 Mutual Attraction Sex suit + 2 Teamwork Work suit + Gemini

2 is balance, or coming together. It can denote partnerships and unions. It leans towards teamwork & co-existence. It is about the falling into place of a wish, or desire. Action brings about the fulfillment of dreams. In tarot number 2 is related to The High Priestess, problem-solver, through duality of body & spirit. It’s nature is compliant, docile, co-operative and diplomatic.

Wands is about manifestation, related to the passion and creativity of the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).

Notice, first, at the bottom, Gemini’s symbol, II. Let’s use this, together with Two of Wands, as the gateway to a new world. One that is both stable and secure, enforced by the power of the masculines tendency towards creation & construction, and also some flexibility that takes into account, and honours, our intrinsic need to follow our dreams, desires and passions. Look to your feminine’s compulsion to nurture and support your best interests, as this will help you keep a grip – always meeting your needs and self focus as epitome for guidance.

The sex suit is about passion and creativity, while the work suit is how we express ourselves through action and realising our dreams. In our work, we don’t just do a job, we express ourselves through our work. Are we feeling ‘mutually attracted’ to the relationship we are drawn to ‘teamwork’ with? It is an essential connection and bonding with (an)others, where we need to experience change by being clear on our ‘boundaries’.

Know thyself’ is a stoic term and in this instance it says: Who or what you are called to love is often a mirror for what you need to develop in your own life, as the love suit indicates.

The Four of Pentacles asks you to take stock of your life;

* what are you holding onto?

* what is important to you?

* what do you need to secure?

If your world started spinning (a crisis hit), would you be able to stay grounded (keep your shit together?)?

You know what is right for you, and must be secure in your truth to stand firm in your knowing, imposing your boundaries. But at the same time, you cannot impose your boundaries on any other.

4 is about home, family, security and safety. Foundations. Practical, perseverance, diligence, stubborn, loyal, trustworthy. Pillars of society.

Uranus says take a fresh view on things, be inspired and challenge the norms of society, if necessary, to express yourself. A flash of brilliance could lead to meaningful change.

Five of Pentacles is showing us that sometimes we must embrace the child within, that sense of wonder and marvel, even when the going seems tough. By looking at our blessings, we see a barren tree begin to bloom and flower and bear fruit. The saying “the only way out, is through’ applies, and we use the above guidance (attitude of gratitude) to power us through, one step at a time.

This card is a lovely lead to the destiny card below, Lost. When we experience prolonged stuckness, or unexpected change, it can lead us to feeling ‘left out in the cold’. Remember that every action you take towards your goals, dreams, ambitions, even when the results aren’t immediately tangible, they are all cumulative. The sum of the parts, is greater than the whole.

5 asks us to stand still, especially if enmeshed in a struggle, or feeling lost. Feelings of powerlessness, limitation, feeling small and vulnerable, insecure or jealous. We may react without being clear on what we are fighting/struggling/working towards. The art of a calm mind is the ability to observe our emotions without being swept up in their ego feels. We must find restraint against our need to ‘change’ and learn to work with our be-ing. 5 brings awareness of thought and action to promote adaptability. It challenges conformity.

The spirit suit is your essential self, your inner guide and connection with life and nature. Spirit is not a separate entity, it is you engaging with life, and all it’s aspects to learn the lessons that will guide you on your journey. Your thoughts, intentions, fears, dreams and actions in all aspects of your life, are the choices you make to grow and learn about yourself and others.

Mars says you have the strength & vigour to carry you towards your goal.

Gemini – we are currently in the birthday time of this group of air signs. Feliz compleanos! And we are reminded to maintain our child-like wonder and fascination with life. Stay focused on your goal, don’t get pulled in 2 directions.

NB reading take-outs:

* Be clear on who you are and what you want

* Stay focused on the above

* Use point 1 to enforce but not project healthy boundaries

* Keep on keeping on re point 1, you are making progress and