First, let's look at the significance of the page number that this Crystal Ally card explaination is written. Page 87 sends us to 6 as follows, 8+7=15, 1+5=6 and thus,

6 is a number of pregnancy, what will you birth from your having contracted in (as per preceding number 5) and now ready to expand out, in the baser/denser areas of life, those that relate to earth matters e.g. home, foundations, the cages that we have built for ourselves?

Ruby is a fabled precious stone. Valued for their magical applications, as a symbol of love and virility (NB: the base, or first, chakra is red and relates to foundations and connection with earth and the blood as life force, and infused with pink connects it to the heart chakra).

It's true power lies in it's ability to stimulate life force energies. It initiates the kundalini energy (sac-red force), which resided at the base of the spine, within the first chakra. It's energy opens and clears, by stimulating the flow of energy from the earth up the chakric column.

When properly initiated, and harnessed, these powerful forces can be used in the manifestation of spiritual light, the creation of matter, and the healing of the physical, mental, and spiritual self.

It's a stone that bridges the elements of earth (grounding) and fire (transmuting), as used in alchemy.

Ruby has the capacity to stimulate sexual desire, and energy, to raise the vibration of excess sexual energy, harnessing it so that one can use it for spiritual ends.

It's a time for renewed energy in your life.

Exercise: Practice breathing into the base of your spine, drawing in a red breath into the space between your sexual organs and anus, and then, allowing a column of bright white or silvery light to rise up your spinal column as you slowly breathe out, through the crown of your head, allowing that light coming out the top of your head, like a fountain, to sprinkle its glowing glittering light all over you, like confetti. Feel the energy landing on your physical body, like warm, summer drizzle, refreshing and reviving ones energy and spirits (zest for life)

It's time to reconnect with the magic, within yourself.

How have you been limiting yourself (by not facing your stark truths)?

When your base chakra is open and flowing, we can channel this energy into current situations, or projects. We can create magical transformations in our lives.

Are you aware of how you are applying/directing this energy?

Does it serve your highest good, and offer safety and security in the foundations of your life,a the same time?

Are your actions grounded in loving service of self and others?


In addition, let's address the necessity for grounding and how we can do this, to energize the first/base chakra, inspired by pg 128 from Hot-footing it to Health by Christine Stormer-Fryer.

As always, the page number holds significance, for me too, in channeling a full spectrum message. 1+2+8=11.

This number is considered a master number because it is a duplication of itself. If you look at it, it shows a gateway, and/or provides us with the sense of walking towards, and potentially, through a portal (hopefully, more towards what serves our highest good!)

Take a stand!

Look at your background.

What are the backbone experiences that have shaped your current state of being, in your current reality?

How are you limiting yourself by your past, or hi-story?

Karma is a state of learning, and thus what lessons came back, into your body and life, that require resolution, or the tying up of loose ends?

Living in the past, limits our ability to fully live in the pre-sent. We already have all the in-form-action and able-identity to be here now.

What is holding you back?

Do you feel left (a lot can be said for this too, see below for more*) behind?

What backlogged plans, ideas, dreams, projects, conversations etc, need to be cleared, shelved, filed, or actioned?

What, and who, have you turned your back on?

What, and/or whom, and/or where do you need to get back to?

What burdens, or traumas, or life wounds and experiences, are you carrying in your backpack?

Is it time to set it down, empty it out and repack, or better yet, just let go of it...

Have you become aware of things, happening behind your back?

What information is coming to light that assists you in leaving the past behind and helps light your way forward? Pay attention to the signs, messages and your deepest knowing!

At this time, we should be focusing our efforts on the health of our spine. The backbone of your body and thus the structures of our life that form the scaffolding upon which the flesh, of our lives, is secured against. Do you have boundaries, and flexibility to go with the flow? The symbol of a bamboo plant comes to mind, in that it is able to stand tall and erect but yet is able to bend far, without breaking. It takes a long time to build it's roots, and will seem to now show any growth for many years, before finally, shooting up into a strong, dominant plant.

What issues need to be straightened out in your life?

What do you need to do to get back on your feet?


You are no longer a slave to your past!

Stand up and take full responsibility for your life, actions, self!

If you need further assistance, of a more physical, and tactile nature, to assist you in resolving issues, and moving on, then please get in contact to book a reflexology (as a way of addressing the soul through your soles), or massage treatment.

Ruby - life force
Edited frompg 87 of the Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ahsian

* the left side of the body is generally considered the feminine, in energetic terms. It is the Yin energy of cool, dark, receiving, thinking or brooding (vs action). It is the womb of thoughts, intentions and intuition. It surrenders. It is the mystery and flow of cycles of the moon. It pulls in and creates space for form. It is where ideas go to incubate in preparation for birthing. It's where we nurture ourselves and our lives.

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