The Laws of Spiritual Success - Week 1

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Please see Intro & Preparation blog/video before proceeding.

The Law of Pure Potentiality

(as per The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success - Deepak Chopra)

These notes are to provide support and insight into the live distance healing session on youtube. They are also your 'homework' or 'take-aways' for continued self development. We use various literature, introduced for further reading, and insight, together with the book, in focus, to give us intent and cause.

Please remember to prepare your space & self to be fully present during the session for best benefit.

This week our metaphysical healing session will have the objective of awakening the spirit (sleeping dragon) and focus on a journey of self discovery towards self knowledge and developing our natural energy tools and resources.

Distance Healing Session - Sunday 02/08/2020 16H00 GMT+2

We will start at the heart chakra (green/pink) as a foundation for this session. Then move on as follows:

  • Sacral chakra (orange) in order to plant a new seed - Who are you?

  • Throat chakra (turquoise/light blue) so we can use the power of words (as per The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz) as a tool for expression of our truth. How do you use your voice relating to yourself (inner self talk), and others (expression of our outer 'voice' and language).

  • Third Eye chakra (indigo/royal blue - lapis luzuli) where we interpret the shadow 'language of life' - for in(side)-sight or the sight to see the 'unknown' like the horizon that is insight, for a way forward - removing blindfolds. Helping us find that inner seed (unfulfilled wishes/desires/dreams/passions/ambitions/bucket-list/fuck-it list in order to plant it (sacral chakra).

  • Crown chakra (purple/white/rainbow) opening and balancing to connect you (as candle or bulb) to your divine flame/source/all-that-is (the match flame or light stand) and allow us to access Akashic Records - you are the sum total of all that ever was and all that will ever be through coding; What are you de/re-coding in yourself & life (intention).

Quote for this law

In the beginning there was neither existence nor nonexistence. All this world was unmanifest energy... - Hymn of Creation, The Rig Veda

See video of reading from book here

See video of healing session here

Homework & Take-aways for the week:

  • Use your rainbow (white, orange, green, pink, turquoise, royal blue, purple) circle of light as a protective energetic layer/circle, to centre, protect and feel safe.

  • Use your breathing and heart beat to find your centre.

  • Take time each day to be silent/meditate to connect with your spirit, to just BE

  • Practice non-judgement by using The four Agreements to discover & empower your voice.

  • Commune with nature - watch a sunrise/sunset, listen to the ocean or birds chirping, smell a flower or the coffee, feel how your body connects with the ground beneath your feet & the air around you.

  • When you need to check-in (pit stop) during the week, read through the related weekly intuitively guided card layout and messages.

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