Intuitive Reading for week of 02/08/2020 to 08/08/2020

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Rider-Waite tarot cards (three cards, top row), in the following placements we have:

  • Past influence (left) - The Star XVII (major arcarna)

  • Current energy (centre) - Death XIII (major arcarna)

  • Looking forward (right) - The Tower XVI (major arcana)

Due to the fact that the first 3 cards drawn are major arcana, I drew another 2 insight cards to better understand the link between the past and present = 8 of Wands.

And to link the current with the future energies, I pulled 10 of Cups.

Then to link the two cards above, a final card, to complete the pyramid, was drawn, The Devil XV (major arcana).

Please note that we have 4/6 cards being major arcana - we can expect a big week of upheavals, sudden changes etc. and major life events.

Destiny cards (2 cards, far left & far right), as insight cards to the situation & energies, we have:

  • 2 the Work suit - Team Work

  • 10 the Spirit suit - Freedom

NBstarlightguide comments are bracketed - this is the intuitively guided parts

Important points are bolded.

Past influence (left) - The Star XVII (major arcana)

You have shown yourself to be a star or 'the star of the show'. What's interesting about this card appearing here and now, as the card of Aquarius, is that we are entering the Lion's Gate portal on 08/08/2020. And also on 3rd August 2020 we experience a full moon in Aquarius (that hosts both Uranus & Saturn) as we hit Leo season. And as we know, a Leo is always the star of the show and center of attention, just like their planet, the Sun.

XV11 = 17 and numerology we would add the numbers to form a single digit = 8

We have seen this number show itself many times over the past week.

It has been explained, but essentially it is about infinity, and our divine connection to all that is as it's reflection, expression and manifestation. It is abut how we view the world (our spectacles and lenses), it is about 'as within, so without; as without, so within' and 'as above, so below; as below, so above'. It is about duality in a balanced, cohesive form - cooperation (this ties in well with the Teamwork Destiny card).

Current energy (center) - Death XIII (major arcana)

This card shows us how we are letting old things die. We are allowing those things that no longer serve us to fall away. The old structures have, or are, falling out of play so that we can embrace the new dawn, that is imminently upon us. We have a new future to look forward to, one without the hassles, constraint and limitations from our past. Including those self imposed limitations. We allow the mind to die so that we can feel, in our heart space, those dreams/wishes/desires/passions to emerge as we progress along the path of self knowledge. One way to become aware of the things that are of value is adopting an attitude of gratitude and the Fulgurite card reminds us to be thankful for these blessings.

Perhaps you feel like you are rebirthing into something new or will transport to a new place. However, know that you have the keys (tools/resources) to triumph.

XIII = 13 and this gives us a single digit of 4. Again, this is a number that is coming up a lot as it refers to security, stability, foundations, family, home, safe places/spaces. This is our focus in order to proceed successfully.

This could be likened to the death of the ego, leading to a dark night of the soul, caused by the next card.

Looking forward (right) - The Tower XVI (major arcana)

This card speaks of unexpected change or conflict or major challenges. These are often events or experiences we have in order to forcibly shift us (as per the Crystal ally card of Fulgurite as the element of storm, see below) in our true direction or correct path, in life or calling/mission/purpose/soul contract.

XVI is 16 which gives us 7 which is about choices or things being removed/eliminated.

Linking the past & current energies we have,

8 of Wands

This card is about swift action. Wands speak of our desire to manifest and we see how we want to communicate our desires for a happy ending (as the next card indicates). We have fertile grounds as The Star to start anew, afresh and leave the past behind.

And here we have another 8, of course. Because in order to move from emotional or mental ways of approaching life and how we live it, we are learning how to 'feel' our way forward, with the objective of manifesting our dreams/wishes and those castles to be kings/queens of.

Linking the current & future energies we have,

10 of Cups

Cups are our emotions, feelings, love, affection etc. We are looking for a happy ever after. It is our hearts desire, to find ourselves with a home, loving family & friends, safe and well, with a rich life that fulfills our entire being. This synchronises well with Freedom.

10 is about new cycles and leveled up states of being & living. It is also full marks for success and achievement in your journey as a fool and learner of life.

Linking the 2 cards above, is the warning of

The Devil XV

This card asks us to carefully consider what