A journey through the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success/Life - Prologue & Intro

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Join me on a 7 week long journey to take us through an awakening, towards self knowledge and, ideally, self mastery.

We begin on a Sunday, as a way to prepare for the week ahead, with one chapter/focus, each week.

Starting with a live Distance Healing session, where we will find some time to centre ourselves, focus on the Intention, as guided by The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. These will be broadcast from my youtube channel and available as per video in the related weekly blog.

These sessions are free to you and if you wish to join in or use the session as a private meditation then please bear the following in mind:



  • Create a gap in your daily schedule to 'find and pull yourself towards yourself'.

  • Find a private, quiet, comfortable area to sit or lie down, where you will preferably not be bothered during your 'you time'.

  • If possible, it should be well ventilated and inviting.

  • Bring those things that have energetic significant value (icons, symbols, pictures, words, intentions, and dreams/wishes) into the space with you.

  • If you have a smudge stick, or Santo Palo, or Frankincense, or incense, or floral water (e.g. Agua de Florida) etc., then use those to 'cleanse & purify' the energy of that space for clearing.

  • Having a candle nearby is handy, as it helps us focus when we lose our centre, even better if it smells good.

  • Ideally, the environment should be relaxing, safe, and enticing.

  • Keep some water, tissues & something warm handy, just in case they are needed.

  • Reduce the possibility of any disturbances...you need to go into you without distraction.


Any place and time will work, once you've mastered the technique of being able to 'switch off', however, it takes practice and discipline. Honour yourself by commiting to creating the time and place and space to serve yourself (body, mind & spirit).


  • Make an agreement with yourself that this is medicine for your soul and a useful tool to employ in one's life.

  • Wear comfortable clothing - preferably natural fabrics

  • Barefoot - socks if it's cold

  • Have something to eat 1-3 hours before or a small snack 1 hour before session, to limit stomach growls and basic body calls.

  • Use the toilet, if necessary.

  • Drink a little water beforehand.

  • See you there at 4pm GMT+2

Active Session

I usually ask you to use the 4 (in breath), 7 (hold breath), 8 (slow controlled release of breath) count technique - a demonstrated in the video here

Try to keep this breathing going throughout, and just focus on my voice to guide you in visualization and conceptualization of ideas to help you integrate colours and sounds etc, to work towards our given objective/intention for that session.

If you find your thoughts wondering off to different far off places and spaces, become aware of your breath and your heart beat to center yourself in the hear and now.

Unless guided otherwise, always place your hands, facing upwards on your lap, if sitting.

Here is a handy colour wheel to help your imagination during visualisation and breathing techniques.

Post Session

I anticipate that you will feel invigorated, calm, peaceful and content, enough to continue with the day, and week ahead, prepared in mind & spirit with peace, love & light.

When you first get up, do so slowly, wiggle or rotate your extremities (hands/wrists & feet/ankles), shake your body a bit and, if within ability, jump up and down a few times (star jumps of course!), just to get the blood pumping and enliven the mind.

Blow out candles and any fire hazards then have some water!

Consider having a private, personal session in order to address your issues, matters & concerns.

Then for those who are interested in further support and guidance, please follow my NBstarlightguide page on