Guidance for today

unity = un-I-tie

This is what we are being called to do, come to-get-her as a collect-i-(ha)ve and (pro)create, a new earth/way of living+be-in(g)

The eclipse on Friday is the tan-tric con-SUM-mation of uni-on between father sun and mother moon. The marriage of divine masculine and divine feminine. (Ref to point h in my commentary below.)

NB commentary:

a) We are coming to the end of a cycle, as represented by The World (#21=3) tarot card. Confirmed by this card cropping up at the bottom (end) of the deck. That. I'm sure is good news for many.

b) Numerology 3 = tri, luck, success, the divine principle of body, mind + spirit, birth, life & death, beginning, middle & end, past, present and, looking forward.

c) we are simply a playout on the 3D physical realm of earth - the kingdom of (womb)men - of what is happening on a macrocosmic level, in the heavens of stars and planets. As per the principle of 'as above, so below' and also that of 'as within, so without'. The rise of the feminine (yin) - Amelia Pankhurst, the Suffrogettes, feminism, breastfeeding in public - is meeting the control issues of the masculine (yang) - control of finances yet we manage most of the tasks that require that resource for home management(?), lack of tolerance for womb needs and the products thereof, both blood and children, in the capitalistic work culture, and so many patriarchal ways of living we are not even aware of. Not only in our daily lives, but also as individuals. So many wombmen have left relationships that no longer served them, many men have felt 'left out in the cold'.  By the rise of the feminine, we are understanding the power of the solar plexus energy (yang, yellow, sunflower, fire, courage, 3rd chakra). We are engaging the energies of lower and higher chakras - this is the point where the masculine sperm penetrates the feminine egg...for fertilization and procreation and the continuation of life, through the love of the heart chakra (self love, self care, self co-(uh)m-passion, self for-give-ness...).

d) I always imagine we bleed every cycle because this is the womb crying tears of blood in mo(u)rning or re-g(r)et at the lack of (c)re-at-I-on.

e) We complain about the state of the average man but yet we are their (gran/step)mothers, sisters, aunts. When we own our role as (co)creators we begin to understand how we are womb-men. You understand that as an individual you are everything that a man is - mentally and spiritually and mostly physical (xx is same same while xy is still x but with a w(omb))...but possibly more, for you have the womb of creation within you. We need to understand our role; 1) as gatherers - we collect things and find useful ways to create them into nurturing elements e.g. sewing, cooking, teaching, touchers, menders & healers... 2) as community nurturers, by bringing all our lost sheep home, uniting individuals in a common cause for the greater good. There are more women than men (we have one egg, to each man's millions of sperm). There is strength in numbers (as the sperm and the team work of Tour dFrance lead cyclist show us), we are the foundation...are we a unified, built on rock, or a porous, built on sand, collective? We bind, we entwine, we blend, we pull, we expand (pregnancy)... 3) as heart(h) keepers - we have to keep the flames of passion burning, stoke the flames of the yang, that fire helps us keep warm, cook food, kill (the image that comes to mind is of how we put instruments for bush surgical procedures e.g. knife, in the fire to sterilize it), it transforms/transmutes... 4) we are the storytellers of history that teach us lessons of his/her-stories, this is where we learn from our mistakes, discuss and engage with eachother in a receptive (yin) way. 5) we are the singers and dancers that, like the kundalini serpent, en-trance the keeper of the tree of life, so that we can vine-like climb up and around his trunk, using it to find the source of light of higher consciousness/knowing. You are instinctively in-to-it (intuitive/in-sight-full). 6) we are uni-verse linguistic, our iron rich blood seeps into the earth nourishing it's strength to be abundant, for it feeds the seed of potential so it can bloom, we flow with the cycles of the moon and we understand her song of nature (e.g. washing needs to get done when the weather allows, the kids can play outside when the weather is right, we get too hot or too easily, etc)...

f) the powerplay between men and women is simply a macro of the individual micro where it means that your yin&yang have met in a more balanced and a mutually beneficial way. Your health is a reflection of this in it's homeostasis. Are you in control of how you choose to move, nourish and determine exposure of your body?

g) Just saw a kingfisher. Did you know that, unusual for birds, the female is often prettier than the male, which brings this song to mind ( ).

h) We use the High Priestess (#3) - these 3's just keep popping up! ;) - as guidance. She is enthroned between the black & white pillars, in front of a curtain embossed with pomegrantes, she has a pearl of wisdom in her crown and she has her foot on the moon. Inbox me if you would like an interpretation of this symbology :).

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