The Inner Child & healing guidance

Tomorrow is a super Super Full moon (The full moon 19 February 2019 falls at 0º Virgo. This is an important full moon that triggers fixed star Regulus that moved into the sign of Virgo in November 2011.) & there is planetary activity as Chiron moves into Aries for next 8 years...

For the past couple of weeks, the following themes seem to be in play:

* facing our personal truths regarding rejection & abandonment (issues that will require tissues);

* nurturing our wounded, traumatised, rejected, and/or abandoned child - our parents were too busy (perhaps still are...?) parenting from their wounds & traumas to be 'conscious parents'. So in being honest about where we need parenting and applying that nurturing towards that inner child. This will require;

* Self focus in order to begin to realise our wishes and desires. Doing things in our lives, more and more, that bring us job and enable us to enjoy the experience of our human vehicle and, most importantly;

* Self love. Realising that we are not rejected, nor abandoned. We are not wounded, nor traumatised. We are perfect. We are creators. We have the power to create the life we love. We have the control to love the life we live.

Rider-Waite Tarot deck cards:

Major arcana - Strength - VIII (8)

* We are being asked to tap into our inner reserves of faith, hope & courage during these times of great change. The outlook is bright and prosperous.

* 8 = balance, infinity, as above/so below, as within/so without

Major arcana - The Sun XIX (19)

* This is the inner child who needs your loving care and attention. It is you looking for fun and adventure. Perhaps ready & willing to try new things. You can expect your energy levels start to rev up and it is a good time to focus on health and wellbeing. Get out into nature, take some time to smell the flowers and enjoy the sun on your back, or face. Perhaps it's time to try some of those activities you wanted to , as a child, but didn't have the opportunity or were too afraid....

* 19 = 1+9=10 which is 1 (new beginnings, fresh starts) x10 (super powerful, like this super full moon!). I've been on loop with regards to expect the unexpected, but perhaps this is the sudden change or unexpected we have been expecting ;).

Minor arcana - Queen of Wands

* This is the parent we need to be for our inner child. We use the fire of anger/frustration/fear to transmute the 'poor little me' into a courageous, strong and secure being. Notice how she has the lion (from the Strength card) and the sunflower (from The Sun card) indicating how she has mastered her life from a seat of solid foundation and from this she is ready to start manifesting. Her little black cat says tap into your 6th sense for your deeper self knowing and personal power.

2/3 major arcana is a BIG DEAL!

Destiny Cards:

Notice both are a 2 - Balance or coming together, falling into place of a wish, or desire, action brings about the fulfillment of wishes.

* Communication is the love suit - represents essential connections and bonding with others. Who or what you are called to love is often a mirror for what you need to develop in your own life.

* Dreams & Visions is the spirit suit - reflects your essential self, inner guide & connection with life and nature. It is you engaging with life and all its aspects to learn the lessons that will guide you on your journey. The choices you are making to learn & grow about yourself & others.

Crystal Ally Cards:

* Page 135 - 1+3+5 = 8 (same as Strength tarot card)

* Fire element - notice the 3 R-W tarot cards, well they are all fire sign related (Strength = Leo/The Sun is attributed to Leo as its planet). Also pay attention to the fact that there is activity in Regulus currently, which is the brightest star of the Leo constellation. Also bear in mind that fire has alchemical properties and can transmute elements. The Phoenix rises from ashes. Some flora are only able to germinate after being exposed to fire. Dragons breathed fire to destroy their enemies. Sometimes in life we can experience a 'trial by fire', which on a spiritual level is kundalini rising. Fire, traditionally, was a source of warmth, a resource to prepare food, a light to guide, protection against wild animals, a mystical force that draws people towards it for companionship, storytelling and music making.

* Rhodochrosite - Child Within: The vibration of this crystal enables us to heal old wounds or emotional patterns that negatively influence our creations. It could indicate that we have lost our childlike aspects of ourselves. These aspects can teach us many lessons as we reconnect with our innate curiosity, creativity, and wonder. Surrender to your higher self (parent).

* This card resonates with The Sun card regarding the child within.

* This crystal resonates with both the heart (love) and the Solar Plexus (personal power) chakras. It acts as a bridge between the higher and lower chakras (which i have referred to in my facebook posts recently re: hieros gamos & bridges burning)


I get too excited by readings like this not to share the love!

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