Reading for the collective - 25/07/2020

Rider-Waite tarot cards (three cards, top row), in the following placements we have:

  • Past influence (left) - Four of Pentacles

  • Current energy (centre) - Two of Cups

  • Looking forward (right) - The Fool 0 (major arcana)

Destiny cards (2 cards, bottom row), as insight cards to the situation & energies, we have:

  • 6 the Money suit - Extravagance

  • 13 the Work suit - Channeling your Power

Crystal Ally cards (far left and right), as elements, tools & for guidance, these showed up:

with reference to the past - the Wind element card of Lapis Lazuli - Self Knowledge

with guidance to the future - the Fire element card of Tigers Eye - Balance

NBstarlightguide comments are bracketed - this is the intuitively guided parts

Important points are bolded.

I always like to start with a solid structural outline (first there is the blueprint of the thought, usually associated with wind, or swords - in tarot, then there is the word, this is the scaffolding we erect within which we construct our palace/castle of dreams, wishes, passions, & desires. The construction part, is the action we take. So you have the process of thought, word, & deed, as a complete cycle), as the first card, we will address, indicates to us;

The Four of Pentacles, as a past influence

Pentacles is about tangible asset and relates well to both the work & money cards, as per Destiny deck, so we will discover more on this topic when we address those cards. However, essentially, this card is telling us to pull what we have, that works for us, closer, and assess what more can be left behind, as we move forward (The Fool card) on our journey through life. It seems as if we have already lost, or been stripped of much, over the past and many seem to be losing their material wealth as the various economic (capitalism as a win/lose scenario) and financial systems collapse under the current pressures of world-wide pandemic-like events. We need to keep our feet firmly on the ground, and use our true assets (our natural born talents, skills, interests, passions etc.) over false states of security & foundations (as the number 4 reflects), e.g. if you live a 'luxury' life, but yet have debt, then you are living a false illusion and it is not sustainable (as the parable of the man who builds his house on sand vs rock, shows us). When you have nothing to lose, you find your true power (as the worker bee from the work suit of Destiny cards shows).

One of the universal laws of life (as nature shows us), is that energy flows and the wheel turns (the question of Who is in the driver's seat of your life? is being asked of you and how you give your power away to others instead of owning your Sovereignty).

4 is security and building a foundation. It's about making decisions to relieve tension and/or anxiety.

I wrote more on this card in April, in this blog, and due to the placements of planets within constellations and their influence from then, is in play again now. If i can find the reference, it will connect here. And this card comes up as a past influence in it's placement, in this reading.

I am also being drawn to how the Self Knowledge crystal ally card as it re-inforces the need to know what is of value to us (skills, knowledge, experience, education, relationships, assets & liabilities, expenditure of energy and time etc.). We will address this shortly, as appropriate.

2 of Cups, as a current energy

The cups refers to our emotions, feelings, passions, dreams, wishes, desires and love, and suchlike. It is what we fill our the chalice of our life with, and how we do so. Many of us have unhealthy relationships (considered toxic, in another word) with people, things, places, races and spaces. These stem from our childhood traumas, essentially being those of rejection and abandonment, leaving us feeling unwanted, unloved and of no value. Our challenge in life, when living awake (awareness/consciousness), is to heal this issues by understanding how we behave in order to seek & gain love (through ourselves towards and with others). We tend to live in denial of what lights our soul & energizes our spirit for living, and simply engage in body needs and mind wants, leaving us feeling unfulfilled (the cup is only half full, or often times empty, like scraping the bottom of a barrel, as it where). Then we spiral through a negative feedback loop system in order to learn lessons that are harmful to the self and others. We project our 'lack of' upon others, to use them as a mirror for what we need to discover about ourselves. Some of the energies that flow through us are draining (like a vampire sucking out our life blood) and some are beneficial (again, i am being drawn to the reference of the art of war/negotiation where there are 4 potential outcomes: lose/lose, win/lose, lose/win, or win/win. Ideally, the latter is the best option all round because everyone wins, but this only happens when we are able to recognise how we add or detract from both our own cup and that of others. Do you always win? Do you always lose? Are you able to lose a little to win more? When you win/lose, why do you have that outcome and is it what you desire, even?)

As this card shows us, life is about opposites (yin/yang) and finding balance in the push and pull of the energies of life. Yang gives, is light, fire and the sun. Yin receives, is dark, air and the moon. The flow of energy relies on equal give and take. It requires a win/win for all in order to have balance. Duality can offer discord/conflict or cooperation and cohesion. Things either pull apart or pull together. Things that work, will magnatise towards each other while things that do not, will push away and be hard to grasp, like water.

It takes centering, courage, love, bravery to face our own truths, in order to be fully present for our lives and others within it.

The time to face our truths and accept what brings us joy, as paramount importance, even if it doesn't make sense at this time. We are being asked to follow the heart and fill this chalice with love until it overflows and benefits others.

It is time to forgive ourselves our sins. It is time to accept our wrongs and imperfections, as mere human mortals, and step into a soul-state of living. We are being asked to embrace the true Christ consciousness of these times. Judge less, accept more. Feel more (compassion & empathy), see more, hear more, speak more, be more.

2 is about balance or union (heiros gamos). It can indicate partnership or relate to a relationship, particularly in relation to the things/people/places/spaces that we love.

The Fool, as a looking forward card

This major arcana* shows that we can expect major things.

The Fool card is the very first card of the traditional tarot deck. Meaning clean slate, new beginnings, the start of creation and it asks us to Take a Leap of Faith.

You have all the essentials you need for your journey, loyal & trusted friends, hope in your pocket and sunshine on your back.

As Dr Seuss says, "You know what you know, and you're the guy who'll decide where to go" (Oh, the places you'll go! see here for reading)