Evolution of the masculine/yang

Intuitive reading from 10/10/2020 - The Emperor first appears

Video of reading insights for 10/10/2020:

For more depth into Ruby, see this reading of the card.

The Emperor appeared for a second time on 10/10/2020, in a private reading, with a completely different (new) deck of cards!

Intuitive reading from 12/10/2020 - The Emperor appears for a third time in exactly the same placement in a reading within short timeframe:

Video of reading insights 12/10/2020:

This motivates me to investigate the synchronicities in more depth and to greater extent...for those who wish to delve deeper and/or further into this realm of body, mind and spirit adventure...

Video summation & notations of synchronicities:

Spice Girls song reference, year was 1996. What dreams, visions, passions and interests grabbed your attention. Perhaps that is a little white flag showing us a way forwards.

And for a little inspiration, this song is about female empowerment and heterosexual friendship.

Mars in Retrograde 2020


Uranus in retrograde 2020


A few years back, I mentioned how my blogs were focused on the empowerment of women and healing of the yin energy:

And now it seems that the pendulum is swinging back to the strengthening of yang (masculine). Which is sort of reflected in this story about Stripe & Yellow in the book called 'Hope for the Flowers'.

This reading on Will Power may be useful as a means to self discipline and building inner bridges.

And here is a post relating to The Little Prince.

In conclusion

Any endings, changes or disruptions we are experiencing now are leading us towards being our own Emperor. If we can bridge the flaw-some and awe-sum we will experience the magic that life has to offer. The sum is the part of the somes (hee hee hee).