Spring Clean the body from the inside out - Step C: CONTROL

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

After these steps;



We now move onto CONTROL

This step helps us address those issues that are unique to our biological blueprint.

We all seem to have a 'weak' system that will flare up when triggered by

  • lifestyle choices,

  • environmental influencers and/or

  • internal state of being

Having completed the remove & replace aspects of addressing health and wellbeing, we focus on taking control by repairing and resolving more chronic issues.

Again, the best format is finding nutritional, supplementation, functional movement, and other resources to resolve these matters. At Nicci B Wellness services, we always consider a tri-focus approach to address body, mind & spirit.

When we restore control over our physical and mental states of being, we find ourselves making better choices in how we live, our habits, the way we move and there is a ripple effect upon our loved ones, community, micro & macro environments.

Other than access to support services, such as reflexology & massage, one can consider using some different methods of healing such as reiki and/or crystal therapy.

Ongoing support is also available, and there is, certainly, a something from the service list to satisfy each ones custom needs.

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