Intuitive Reading for week of 09/08/2020 to 15/08/2020

Rider-Waite tarot cards (three cards, top row), in the following placements we have:

  • Past influence (left) - 5 of Pentacles

  • Current energy (center) - The Hierophant V (major arcana)

  • Looking forward (right) - 4 of Swords

Please note that the current time/spaces/places card, in the center, is a major arcana card.

And, that the number 5 comes up in 4/6 cards. This will have significance, so pay attention to the message!

Destiny cards (2 cards, below), as insight cards to the situation & energies, we have:

  • 5 the Work suit - Stuck

  • 14 the Work suit - Visionary

NBstarlightguide highlighted comments are bracketed - this is the intuitively guided parts

Important points are bolded.

Past influence (left) - 5 of Pentacles

Pentacles are our tangible and denser energies i.e. assets, but in this cards case and relevant to placement & influencers, perhaps we are more focused on our liabilities. We recognise those people/places/spaces/expenses or costs, that left us feeling 'left out in the cold' or even ourselves, as imperfect be-ings, we did that to our self, most likely, if facing our own truth. We have been focusing too much on those things that weight us down, and separate us from our dreams, wishes, desires, passions...our castles in the sky that we are not ready to start building in reality. We have been paying too much attention on our 'lack of' or imperfections/failings (flaw-some) rather than on the blessings of our awe-some (it is a sum of balancing flaws and awes within oneself). There is even the potential that one has felt an injustice, neglect and 'incompleteness' of late. This raises question as to what we value in ourselves and our lives...and who values us.

See 5 notes below.

Current energy (center) - The Hierophant V (major arcana)

This card represents the Pope and is essentially about unification through reconciliation. It can literally refer to our relationship concept of marriage, as we know it, or that of bringing our duality of selves into harmony. And what's interesting about this card appearing, here and now, is that we are ascending consciousness by be-com(e)-in(g) whole, in so many ways (because we are already that! and perfect and complete!). It is the integration of body, mind & spirit. Finding ways to play out our masculine & feminine energies to our best advantage. It is also significant in appearing now is the Lions Gate portal we are currently experiencing (08/08) an 'activation' of a cosmic alignment of the gateway of energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms (see the related Crystal Ally card for this reading, as below). It is linked to ancient Egypt where the alignment of the star Sirius, and the earth, in alignment with Orion's Belt over the Pyramids of Giza. Note that Sirius - the spiritual sun - is twice the size of our sun and much brighter and considered to be the source of spiritual light on the inner planes. It represents abundance, harvest and fertility (as the Nile flooded it's banks, this time of year usually). This occurs when the sun is in it's astrological 'home' of Leo, which is associated with the heart center (as will be the focus of our distance healing session today) and represents the individualized expression of the Divine. It is said that when this alignment (as above) occurs, there is an intense surge of light, which awakens DNA to activate the human energy field, and transmits high vibrational frequencies and codes of awakening, as per

They go on to explain that light codes of ascension, mastery, and evolution from Sirius pour towards earth, aligning another level of activation and opportunity for progression on the ascension path.

Essentially it is all about more fully awakening your divine light (glow & warm) and embodying Divinity within a physical form. The energy that we are all experiencing is associated with royalty and thus this alignment can be seen as awakening the royal codes of higher living, available to us all.

I love how this resonates with the Crystal ally card for this reading and it's element, which ties in with the swords suit from the tarot deck.

V = 5, as explained below.

Looking forward (right) - 4 of Swords

This 'gateway' that was hidden and which has now been revealed, asks us to digest/integrate the lessons we have learnt that shows us who we are vs who we are not. We do this by being aware of our many blessings. It is a time to think things over, and 'chew the cud' of those things we only processed in the first stomach (lessons are layered, and spiral round - so that when we initially experience it, it is with the wisdom and experience of a neophyte, and as we learn, we are mature enough to delve deeper into this lesson, each time it arises we are able to master it in a more pro-found manner).

It is time, we are being asked, to understand that in many instances, we have lessoned-out, meaning that some of those matters that have been holding us back/down e.g. bad habits & lifestyle choices, toxic relationships with lovers, family & friends, unsatisfactory ways of earning a living, lack of contribution to ourselves, others and the greater whole etc. are DONE. This means that we are able to move with the flow, and towards our dreams (see Sugilite/Dreams card below).

This week in our journey through the 7 Laws of Spiritual Success, we become aware of the power of Giving & Receiving and the importance of keeping this flow going by understanding that there is enough for everyone, and you already have enough and everything is as it should be and in perfect harmony for the way forward...the cogs are in place and ready to start moving...but not just yet, clarity & intent of purpose must be established first so that deed can follow word/thought effortlessly and successfully. We must first go within, in order to 'move out'-ward. We are at the steady part of the 'ready, steady, go' process of living.

Warning - are there aspects of yourself, or external blessings, that you are not recognising, considering, or taking into account?

For insight we have Destiny Cards:

5 the Work suit - Stuck

The work suit represents expression of oneself through action and realizing dreams. It's about expressing yourself through your 'job' by working on yourself, home, family, artist, leader etc.

See more on 5 below.

14 the Work suit - Visionary