Self Care Self Service 101 - Lymphatic system support

If you have, had the pleasure, of viewing a movie called, Mary Poppins,

then you will understand my role amongst you, as a health and wellbeing coach, is the same as her ability to pull problem-solving resources out of her bag of tricks, engage people in happy, healthy activities and introduce them to new places.

So in this service, i offer you some tips and tricks in self care self service times. Taking care of your body is one of your lines of defense against invading viruses and such like enemies. What's important is gut health and stress management, as frontline actions to take. Then support your organic structures such as the liver and lymph system, in general.

It's also not always, simply, about what you do, but also the manner in which you do it, that hacks magic into making it effective and affective.

I have tried to focus on ways and means that limit our financial cost, and focus more on 'free' tools and resources that really, predominantly, rely on the investment of time and/or energy/effort, because as we were told, "You're worth it!".

For the sake of keeping things simple, I will address this matter organically, as much as possible, which is entirely impossible, since everything is interconnected and interdependent. But we try, to convey the info, to the layman, as succinctly, as we are able to, for easy comprehension and application.

The first consideration, always, is to avoid harmful, abusive, addictive, hurtful, unhealthy, unkind, unloving things, people and places, and then you can start to focus on

Ways to support your lymph system include, but not limited to;

  • Avoid CRAP - carbonated, refined, artificial, (add alcohol), and processed foods and products.

  • Jumping, hopping and skipping because, particularly in the extremities, the lymph valves have a one-way system, usually towards the outer direction. Meaning things can flow easily down and require a pumping action, normally the contraction of the muscle tissue around it, to push fluids back upwards and inwards. Using this method works as an anti-gravity feature. It also increases cardiac and respiratory wellness too, along with burning-off excess (and harmful) stress hormones built up in soft and stored fat tissues.

  • Dry brushing is beneficial, when done in the right way because many lymphy glands lie superficially (like close under the skin). Light, upward sweeping motions (always towards the heart and against gravity), will not only loosen and remove dead skin cells (stimulating basal skin cells to create new cells and sebum to protect and maintain living cells), but also push lymph fluids into their drainage system (it's a lot more complicated than this, but then i did promise to stick to KISS principle!)

  • Balancing electrolytes and trace minerals because osmosis and diffusion require negative and positive ions to perform cellular activity and transfer necessary nutrients and remove waste. I know you've been sold on your body simply being a clump of cohesively functioning systems that are dis-ease prone poorlings, but I'm here to tell you (as per Prince song, Let's go Crazy), that you are a magical interplay of electrical, magnetic and chemical reactions and feedback loops, that if regulated appropriately, will contribute towards better homeostasis. Adding a pinch of Himalaya salt to 1l out of every 3, will work wonders for swelling (oedema) in the extremeties.

  • Pumping lymph drainage sites, will promote a suction-like effect to clear blockages. Focus on the groin, underarm and just above collarbone in the soft dip where neck starts. I can teach the technique during a treatment, as complimentary service, consider it a value add.

  • Massage is a relaxing way to treat your body, especially when you use hydrating oils such as coconut oil to nourish skin and essential oils that support detoxification of toxins from the body e.g. bergamot, juniper berry (same same as Gin fermented fruits), lemon, and rosemary. Due to the release of toxins from tense tissues and the pressure of touch, to manually push your body around, this can be an effective support for yourself or given by another.

  • Using plants as medicine e.g. celery and parsley (add lemon for it's purifying effects), can support the body; by acting as a diuretic (encourages the elimination of toxins via urine). Can be consumed fresh, in a salad or pressed juice or added to water in tincture form, or drunk as a tea.

  • Breathing is a good way to get oxygen into the body, to support the first phase of liver detoxification. Actually, it's good for everything!

And problems with connectivity and technological issues, force me to leave things here for for follow ups.